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    Victory over illegal alien amnesty may be near

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    Please go to our homepage and review all of the incredible news coming in from across the nation as the fight against nation destroying amnesty is fought on many fronts!

    We have news that we will release in the morning that may provide us with the victory we need over illegal alien amnesty 2013!

    Please do all you can to clear your schedule for tomorrow morning... Tuesday, April 23!

    If you were going to take a day off of work to fight amnesty, tomorrow is that day. We may be able to break through enemy lines and put the amnesty sellouts on deep defense if we can get enough of you to rally and focus in on our request.

    Tonight please send out word to all your contacts by email and social media to ask them to join our email alerts at

    Or they can join our e-mail network by signing our online petition against Amnesty 2013 at

    Please use the easy to use SHARE features on the homepage at to get as many Americans as possible to join us right away.

    We need as many reinforcements as we can get between now and 10am Tuesday!

    Send out the call for help and get your folks to and

    Please adjust your schedule and be ready for our Tuesday morning e-mail. We are close to turning the tide!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
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    This is it folks, your time to shine! Do everything in your power to end this amnesty bull once and for all! Take your country back! Let the illegals know we will no longer stand for them to be catered to and rewarded and placed above American citizens! This is our country, a nation of laws that must be followed and enforced. It is time for American citizens to come first and no one else!

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