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Thread: Violent illegals rage while peaceful Americans take to the streets for Trump

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    Violent illegals rage while peaceful Americans take to the streets for Trump

    Violent illegals rage while peaceful Americans take to the streets for Trump

    (Illegal immigrant & Hillary Clinton Supporters block traffic for hours on Washington Bridge)

    (Peaceful Donald Trump Supporters wave flags and signs at traffic for hours on 33 bridges across America)

    For National Release: October 28, 2016

    Contact: William Gheen at or (866) 703-0864 and James Neighbors at and (405) 788-0266.

    As illegal alien protesters violently storm immigration offices and block traffic on bridges to inspire support for Hillary Clinton's campaign, peaceful American protesters are taking to overpasses and intersections to wave American flags and hold signs in support of Donald Trump!

    The new National Wave of Protests Against Hillary Clinton has quickly generated more than 33 events in the states of NC, CA, TX, FL, IL, WI, MO, SD, NJ, OK, UT, CT, and VA in the first 48 hours since the launch on Wednesday! (view release) Demonstrators holding American flags and Trump/Pence signs are being greeted by an enthusiastic response from motorists honking their horns and giving "thumbs up" signs of support!

    While the local and national media are trying to pretend the peaceful pro-Trump events are not happening, the press is covering and glorifying violent and harmful organized demonstrations conducted by illegal aliens and their supporters!

    NBC4 New York is reporting that 10 illegal immigrant and Hillary Clinton supporters have been arrested while carrying a large banner that reads, "Resist, Organized, Act Up," while blocking the George Washington Bridge and backing up traffic for hours! (view report) The CBS2 affiliate correctly reported the banner message as "Resist, Organized, Rise Up!" (View Report) These Hillary demonstrators are obviously encouraging an uprising and insurrection to counter Donald Trump's peaceful political revolution and NBC4 is trying to support them by making their message sound more tolerable.

    TWC reports that 8 illegal alien and Hillary Clinton supporters were arrested and charged with trespassing in an act of "civil disobedience" after they stormed immigration offices in Buffalo and tried to chain the doors shut. While TWC calls their actions "Civil Disobedience," their protest was clearly not civil. (View Report)

    The numerous violent attacks on police officers, Donald Trump's supporters and rallies (view list), the fire-bombing, shooting, and vandalism of GOP offices, and the Washington Bridge and the Buffalo's immigration offices are all examples of why polls show 51% of Americans now expect violence at the polls on Election Day from Hillary Clinton's supporters.

    "Donald Trump's key to victory is engaging his vast support that is manifesting at rallies into ground swell on his ground game in the final 10 days!" said James Neighbors, spokesman of Overpasses for America. "We are asking all of our Hillary opposing demonstrators to make sure they volunteer to help Trump's campaign with signs, neighborhood walks, and phone banks before and after our peaceful and enthusiastic events!"

    "The media is trying to falsely cast Trump supporters as villains while concealing our peaceful protests and most of the attacks on Trump supporters, just like they work to conceal the vast number of crimes committed against innocent US Citizens by illegal aliens," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "Obama needs to come out and order his supporters in the heavily Democrat high crime precincts to end the assault on our police officers, and Hillary Clinton needs to speak out against the disruptive, violent, property damaging, civil rights violations her supporters are conducting against Christians and Conservatives."

    ALIPAC and Overpasses for America conducted a historic and unprecedented national wave of protests against illegal immigration and Obama in Summer and Fall of 2014. More than 600 demonstrations large and small were held with some consisting of 1 or 2 people making a very visible appearance with banners and flags on an overpass to one rally in Boston led by Jeff Kuhner, host of WRKO’s "The Kuhner Report" that had more than 6,000 attendees!

    Americans who oppose the Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Paul Ryan backed plan (View Plan) to elect Hillary Clinton and then quickly pass amnesty for 20 million illegal aliens within her first 100 days in office are asked to help organize demonstrations in their areas or attend ones already on the event list. (view list)

    Americans can volunteer to help Donald Trump and join the National Wave of Demonstrations Against Hillary Clinton at these links...

    Volunteer for Trump

    ALIPAC's List of Demonstrations--

    Overpasses for America Facebook Event Page for Demonstrations

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