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    Volunteer Callers Needed to help Stop Licenses for Illegal Aliens in NC!

    Concerned Citizens and Immigration Reformers,

    NEW ACTIONS TO TAKE…….see below.

    Contacting these folks about your concern with illegal immigration will also help set the stage for getting their attention and our plans for even tougher immigration enforcement at the State level.

    We should not give a driver's license to people illegally in our State. A recent opinion by Attorney General Roy
    Cooper should be ignored, since President Obama only gave a reprieve from deportation to the DACA program persons. They are still illegal immigrants in the USA. An immigration attorney said we should follow the law, in response to AG Cooper's opinion. Well it's against the law to cross our borders illegally......why should we not follow that law? Just because President Obama unconstitutionally gave a temporary reprieve from deportation to nearly one million illegal immigrants nationwide in violation of existing federal laws, why should North Carolina in effect become an accomplice in breaking federal law? Again, the DACA folks are not legal residents.

    We have 9% unemployment in our State with tens of thousands more unable to find a full-time job. Why would we do anything to help people illegally in our State get to a job that belongs to a citizen by allowing them to acquire a driver's license?


    (Feel free to paste info from the top paragraph above in the email)

    (Once you write an email, then copy the text and use it over and over when you contact others below)

    Send a citizens opinion email note to DMV at

    Email Mr. Eric Boyette at North Carolina DMV

    Send a thank you email or call Lt Governor Dan Forest and thank him for speaking out against giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. He needs to know we support him. Call 919-733-7350 or email his office at

    Send an email concern note to Governor Pat McCrory at

    Contact your NC House and NC Senate member by going to the weblink below and "following the directions in red on the webpage" (type in your street and city state zip code) and it will let you know who your NC House and NC Senate member is with contact info)

    Thank you. Please also send this email to your friends and associates.


    Ron Woodard



    (919) 460-8156
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Please help NC stop drivers licenses for illegal aliens! Even if you dont live in NC we still need everyone to take action. We may all need to help your state tomorrow!

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