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    Vote Against these Illegal Alien Amnesty Supporters in NC Today June 7

    This morning at 7am the polls open for North Carolina's special GOP Primary elections for Congress. NC voted for President earlier in the year, but a court ordered the state to redraw Congressional districts and that is why there is another voter today!

    See ALIPAC's coverage in the Washington Times fighting Ellmers (click here).


    This will likely be a very low turnout election which means your opposition voters can really make a difference.

    Please make sure you know who the candidates are that share the blame for all of the deaths, rapes, injuries, and thefts caused by illegal aliens against our innocent citizens.

    VOTE AGAINST THESE REPUBLICAN AMNESTY SUPPORTERS (click on names for more details)

    Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (NC District 2) open borders fanatic and amnesty supporter
    DC Lobbyist Taylor Griffin (NC District 3) pro amnesty agent of DC lobbyists targeting Jones
    State Rep. Harry Warren (NC District 13) Sponsors state bill to give licenses to illegals
    Congressman Robert Pittenger (NC District 9) voted to fund Obama's amnesty orders
    Congressman Patrick McHenry (NC District 10) voted to fund Obama's amnesty orders

    ALIPAC Endorsed Candidates

    Greg Brannon (NC District 2)
    Congressman Walter Jones (NC District 3)

    Remember that you have until 7:30pm ET tonight to vote against these candidates.

    Special thanks to all the ALIPAC supporters that helped us launch letters out to key NC voters and activists warning about them about the records of these candidates. Many of our campaign volunteers will be out there working hard on these races tomorrow so go vote!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: Check out ALIPAC warning Americans about Renee Ellmers in the today's Washington Times at....

    Trump’s endorsement of Renee Ellmers stokes conservatives’ fears
    Immigration stances opposite

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