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Thread: Warning: 72 hours Left and Look at What We Are Not Doing

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    Warning: 72 hours Left and Look at What We Are Not Doing

    Friends of ALIPAC!

    Only 72 Hours left to save ALIPAC! Big thanks to all of you who donated this past weekend. You secured the matching funds from three donors that adds $1500 to the $2,000 we raised on Sunday. Currently we have raised only $22,000 of the $30,000 we must raise by Friday at midnight.

    (I'm willing to help ALIPAC avoid permanent shutdown in 72 hours and my donation is on the way now via...)

    ALIPAC has helped stop them twice before, but the Colorado Legislature is on the verge of passing in-state tuition for illegals. Stopping this kind of legislation has been our specialty since 2005 and we have done so in more than 20 states, but we cannot currently respond due to a lack of funding and the risk of closure.

    (I want ALIPAC fighting in-state tuition in Colorado again right away and my donation is on the way before the deadline at...)

    We circulated the poll that can stop Amnesty in 2013 to our network again yesterday and our volunteers report that DC offices are saying this is the first they have heard of it! Word that more than 53% of Americans want illegals deported instead of given a path to citizenship is NOT reaching lawmakers! Our entire network should be hammering this information into the ears of DC staffers. But unfortunately, today's email is dedicated to asking you for the funds we need to keep ALIPAC in the fight.

    (I want ALIPAC fighting Amnesty and to stay functional instead of having to shut down or spend more time fundraising and I am responding now with my donation to this link)

    The scandal around US Senator Robert Menendez is increasing in power as a source has now come forth to the Daily Caller, testifying that she has provided prostitution services to Menendez and has direct knowledge of his participation with many others. This growing scandal could unravel the 'Gang of 8' pushing for Amnesty 2013 but we are unable to assist the spread and power of the scandal at this time due to a lack of funds.

    (I want ALIPAC holding Menenendez and his gang members John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and Marco Rubio to task to stop Amnesty 2013 and my support is on the way now via...)

    ALIPAC has started growing again, or at least we were up until this past week when all our resources had to be put into fund raising once again instead of activism. Many people are signing up for our email alerts and social media websites. Our momentum and new growth from the last few weeks has slowed because our operations are on hold as all ALIPAC top volunteers and staffers are on the phones trying to raise the donations we need for this organization to survive.

    (I want ALIPAC's new growth to continue instead of slowing or stopping due to my procrastination on donating in 2013. My help is on the way now via...)

    Another victim of illegal immigration contacted us yesterday with a powerful story about how he lost his business, homes, savings, and health due to an illegal immigrant. He is trying to tell lawmakers that he is upset, that none of the victims of illegal immigration and none of the illegal immigration fighting groups are being allowed to testify before the Senate during their hearings on "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" Amnesty. All of the witnesses are pro Amnesty. ALIPAC and NumbersUSA are not invited. None of the family members of the thousands of Americans killed by illegals each year are invited. None of the millions of Americans who cannot get a job because the positions are filled with over 9 million illegal alien workers are invited.

    ALIPAC should be sending out press releases and calling these senators demanding fairness. Instead, we are sending out emails asking you to donate within the next 72 hours to avoid this organization having to shut down.

    (I want ALIPAC pushing for Americans like us to be represented in these hearings and my donation is on the way now via...)

    ALIPAC has accomplished many important things for you over the last 8 years in the effort to save you and the country from being submerged in an unending tide of humanity from around the world. We have proven our worth again and again, but too many donors are waiting until the very last minute to donate which damages our organizations abilities, reputation, and the core donors who are giving of their time and funds.

    We have 72 hours to raise another $8,000 or ALIPAC will shut down for good. You will not find another national organization that gets as much done as we do for your cause on the small budget that we do. We cannot run an effective national organization for any less than we currently do.

    Please donate now at...

    We will be on the phones all day reaching out to donors to try our best to make our minimum operations budget. Please contact us by email or phone if you have any questions about our operations or expenditures.


    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
    (919) 787-6009 Toll Free: (866) 703-0864
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