Heads up friends of ALIPAC,

While illegal immigration and Biden's border invasion are the top issue of concern nationwide, our second funds drive is off to a weak start.

We launched five days ago and have currently only raised $520 of the $20,000 we must raise to be able to continue and sustain our national operations fighting to save every American job, tax dollar, and life we can from this unprecedented influx of illegals!

WARNING: At this rate, it would take us 6.5 months to raise the 20k !!!

If you support our mission to change the direction of America and put the brakes on Biden's open-borders agenda through sweeping changes from pro-America anti-Amnesty candidates this November, then we need your help now. Please, we know everyone with an internet connection can handle at least $10 or more to let us know you are still in the fight via our secure page at...


PS: We are very close to having to declare an emergency AGAIN at ALIPAC and direct everything into raising funds instead of fighting the invasion. Those states and counties declaring invasion at the border need our help! Arizona's new law to stop illegals from voting needs our help! The candidates out there who are putting their lives and reputations on the line to support your positions against illegal immigration and Amnesty need our help!

Send the message you will help at...



PO Box 30966
Raleigh, NC 27622

Concerns, questions, and suggestions reply to this email or call (919) 787-6009