It has been an intense and often disappointing week watching many of those in DC move to put the needs of illegal aliens ahead of the interests of American citizens.

We have done a good job mounting a strong defense against their actions, but we have much more to do. We are formulating our next moves for early next week which will be a critical time running up on their self-imposed Jan 19 Amnesty deadline!

Here is what we need you to do.

1. We just received word that a very generous supporter of ALIPAC is offering $500 in matching funds to encourage you to step up and help fund our fight to Stop DACA. She is sacrificing her time to visit federal lawmaker offices on our behalf and hopes you will respond to her contribution in kind.

Please make a $10, $25, $50, or $100 donation right away to have it doubled up to $500!


2. We need more people posting thoughtful comments in our ALIPAC forums. Many of our online activists have been working in there for more than ten years! In the last 5 years, many Americans have gravitated away from online forums to newer technologies like Facebook and Twitter where anyone who opposes illegal aliens robbing, raping, and killing US citizens like we do face censorship and shadowbanning.

While our technology at older and a little tougher to learn how to use, our ACTIVISTS stand ready to assist you 24/7.

When you post an article or comment on our forums, your views and concerns create a lasting record that is eventually seen by hundreds, thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of people!

The more you contribute, comment, and participate at ALIPAC the more other people are shown our site on different search engines.

So please consider creating an account to post on our forums and let me know if you need any assistance creating, recovering, or using your account.

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PS: We must move swiftly to raise the funds we need to come out strong against the new Amnesty deal bills in DC. Please have your donation doubled by contributing today via...