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Thread: White Collar Wipeout bill: Dem Durbin Delays India Green Card S 386

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    White Collar Wipeout bill: Dem Durbin Delays India Green Card S 386

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    American blue-collar workers have been devastated DC traitors and immigration vectored weapons, and now the sellouts in DC are making their move to devastate American White Collar workers too with H.B. 1044/S. 386.

    The Republicans are trying hard to surrender America to perpetual mass migrations from abroad, but the Democrats are insisting on full surrender and appear to be willing to wait for it.

    After all, the Democrats gain more power each day as unprecedented numbers of legal and illegal immigrants flood into America in 2019 with the only relief being an Executive Branch reduction in refugee numbers from Islamic countries.

    Yesterday, as the Republicans capitulated to Sen. Mike Lee's unanimous consent motion on India green card sellout bill S. 386, the brakes were applied by Democrat Dick Durbin of Illinois. Dick doesn't oppose the bill, he just wants to increase the number of immigrants in the bill!

    Details at--
    Sen. Durbin Delays Green-Card Giveaway to India: He Wants a Bigger Giveaway

    This means Congress now goes on a two week vacation, giving us more time to increase pressure from the 2020 elections to stop Amnesty bills and S. 386, which most Americans oppose!

    It is our understanding that ALIPAC was the only national illegal immigration fighting organization that openly opposed S. 386, and the only place you could really read about what was happening with this bill in DC was at Breitbart,, and .

    If anyone has information to the contrary, please write us and let us know, but at this time it seems like ALIPAC was the only national group that openly fought for you against S. 386!

    Each day and week we hold them off in DC is a day or week American workers are spared for now. Each day we get closer to the 2020 elections and use our PAC to elevate these issues in the election cycle, is a day these nationally destructive bills are less likely to pass in 2019 and 2020.

    We are so thankful for each of you who has joined our alerts, read our alerts, and has taken steps to fuel our fight with your contributions and volunteerism. So many people are lost over on Facebook, being manipulated in ways they don't even know about.

    Time for ALIPAC to fuel back up over the weekend after we spent our meager funds this week.

    Please chip in if you are happy S. 386 has not made it into law at--

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
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    A two week reprieve from a Bill that was supposed to pass without debate or roll call? That's really good news. Congratulations William Gheen.
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    We do not need any foreign workers.

    What about all the Native American's who need jobs? Where are the meetings with the leaders of the Tribes? What about bringing manufacturing back into the areas where the Reservations are? Get those people to work and out of poverty! Where is the program to get Native Americans placed in jobs! Employers should be able to post jobs at a Job Center on the Reservation or their website.

    If illegal aliens are taking these jobs, and we need work visa's, WHY aren't the people we already have here legally placed in these jobs and cut off the welfare and food stamps.

    There needs to be a better program of matching legal citizens to jobs and a database of their Work History and Skills that the local employers can access.

    Welfare and Food Stamp offices need to be overhauled. Those recipients need to submit a Work History and Resume, with weekly work search, just like the Unemployment Office does and stop automatically loading up the EBT cards. No more money for more childbirths and put a THREE year maximum lifetime benefit on these programs. Taxpayer should not be footing the bill for people who have several kids they cannot afford! This is outrages that WE are forced to pay their bill for THEIR choices in life. Many families are on the dole for generations and the cycle needs to stop. There is massive fraud, waste, and abuse of our welfare and food stamp programs.

    We have a massive homeless problem. Why in the hell are we bringing in refugees, illegal aliens, TPS, asylum liars by the millions? We have no housing! We seem to find housing and jobs FOR foreigners who have no right to be here but not our own! Why aren't the homeless, Veterans, Seniors taking that housing and those jobs we are GIVING to foreigners. No more refugees from anywhere! We have our own to take care of.
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