Heads up ALIPAC Discussion Groups activists,

You may start seeing a drop in the number of users on our boards at the bottom of the forum index when you are logged in, and you may also see a drop in the rapid number of views for your posts.

This is because, as part of the new site repairs and upgrades, I am analyzing the traffic ALIPAC.us receives and attempting to block many foreign nations like China and Singapore, who have bots and scammers crawling our site all the time.

We are literally swimming in a sea of foreign criminals and criminal computers and software that are eating up our bandwidth, and who knows what other nefarious things they are up to?

Our hope is to eventually restore more organic human web traffic from America and nations that have people who are truly concerned about our illegal immigration crisis.

So hang in there, keep posting, keep visiting and reading often, and please keep posting links on other sites to www.ALIPAC.us and the individual articles and announcements here.

Please post any observations you notice about our site, its functions, its speed, as we make these changes and we are now floating in cyberspace without Tictok owners Bytedance corporation ByteSpider all over us hourly.

William Gheen