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Thread: Your reactions to tonight's 1st Presidential candidate debate

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    Your reactions to tonight's 1st Presidential candidate debate

    Allied illegal immigration fighters,

    We are going to do our best to gather your reactions to tonight's historic Presidential debate with specific focus on the issue of illegal immigration and then broadcast your views to the national media via a press release at the end of the debate.

    Please watch the debate LIVE TONIGHT AT 9PM Eastern and send your opinions, feedback, observations, concerns, questions, and statements to or to ALIPAC on Facebook (click here) or Twitter @ALIPAC (Click here) AS YOU WATCH! We will monitor your input and do our best to reflect your voice in a press release sent to national media at the close of the debate. You will need to write us before the debate ends for your views to be included. You may also reach us by simply replying to any of our email alerts.



    Tonight at 9pm Eastern, the first Presidential candidates' debate will take place. Due to the historic way Donald Trump won the GOP primary by harnessing our concerns about illegal immigration, this debate is anticipated to be one of the most viewed debates in American history.

    Illegal immigration should be the top issue at this debate, however many people believe that the debate moderators will do their best to either exclude that issue or use their bias to try to save Hillary Clinton. The liberal and socialist elites know that Donald Trump's powerful and unprecedented ascension in politics is fueled by public anger against illegal immigration and amnesty. They know to stop Trump they have to stop him on this issue in some way!

    At ALIPAC, we know the true public sentiments against illegal immigration (see polls) and we know that if Donald Trump is able to truly contrast himself against Hillary Clinton's promise to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform AMNESTY for illegal aliens in her first 100 days as President... Trump will win by a landslide.

    However, the other big threat to Trump's campaign is the fact that the Obama administration and all the George Soros groups are working with murderous drug importing crime syndicates to pump in as many illegal aliens as possible before the voter registration deadlines in battleground states!

    ALIPAC is doing our best to counter illegal alien voters with our activism campaign to increase voter registration and participation among Americans that oppose illegal immigration (CLICK HERE TO PARTICIPATE)

    Please help ALIPAC represent your views against illegal immigration in the 2016 Election Cycle by...

    1. Contributing to our operations budget funds drive at..

    2. Watching the debate live tonight and sending us your opinions of the debate real time by email or social media to help us craft our statement.

    3. Get everyone in your family, neighborhood, and peer group that you know is against illegal immigration registered to vote then out to vote using ALIPAC's info and guidelines---
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    I'll say now that as much as I like to watch Trump, I am too revolted by seeing Clinton speak to have much patience for sitting through a debate. I won't watch videos of it later either. I hope he wipes her out, but it won't make any difference in my support for him one or another. He has my support and I can't think of anything he would do at this point to change my mind.

    Trump is the first presidential candidate that I can recall where I have found the patience to sit through and listen to him speak.

    There are a few cringe points that stand out. He should stay away from poetry and especially the little ditty about the snake. Pretty lame. I won't ever sit through that.
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