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Obama Building Mosques Overseas with Taxpayer, Borrowed Dollars

[Watch] Obama Building Mosques Overseas with Taxpayer, Borrowed Dollars

Posted on Monday, March 10th, 2014 at 5:37 Rick Wells

A report by WSB-TV, Atlanta’s Channel 2 Action News unearthed some disturbing information about where our tax dollars are going.
While we are cutting our military benefits, the size of our forces and many Americans are in difficult conditions economically, the United States is sending huge amounts of money overseas to provide funding for mosques and mosque renovation and repairs, as well as other projects that we simply cannot afford.
Why are we borrowing money to pay for their mosques? Additionally, the report reveals we are also providing internet access and other benefits to Muslim countries which regard us as the “Great Satan.”
This is not an insignificant expenditure. The report cites one project, a $770 million renovation of Cairo’s sewer system. Egypt is not a poor country; they can finance their own sewers. If not, they can use buckets. It’s not America’s responsibility to bankrupt ourselves in the creation of infrastructures for others.
The supposed motivation behind this program is to promote better relations. The reporter indicates that by doing so we are only showing weakness.
The Deficit Commission announced it would look at slowing the growth of foreign aid. Channel 2 Action News is not aware if there will be cuts in this particular U.S Aid program.
While there is a shortage of accountability within the government there seems to be no limit to their irresponsibility and lack of responsible spending. The problem is immense and the means of correcting it will require more fortitude and honesty than most of those who are being paid to represent us possess.

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