[Watch] Obama, DHS Responsible For Border Mess, Must Tell Illegals “Stay Home”

June 20, 2014
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Senator Jeff Sessions says he is not at all surprised by what the events on our southern border, saying he predicted a year ago that this would happen. He says the actions of the Obama regime have created the perception around the world that children “can just come and they’ll be permitted to stay.”
Sessions is in possession of a leaked DHS document which substantiates his position, stating that 95% of the illegal aliens which have poured into America in recent months are doing so based upon a belief that they will be admitted and accepted, particularly young people.
The interviewer questions Sessions on the spin that the Johnson of DHS has put onto the situation that he and Obama have deliberately created as being more proof of a need to pass their amnesty package. Senator Sessions responds, saying, “Well I reject that totally, we have laws on the books right now, it’s not legal to come here whether you’re a youth or an adult illegally. Give me a break.”
Sessions continued, “And what he needs to say and he refused to say in my direct question, tell the people not to come, if you come illegally you’re going to be apprehended, you’ll be sent back. He would not say that unequivocally, the president has to say that unequivocally, he has to stop the flow.”
The Senator said, “That’s the humanitarian problem, we need to stop people from coming under the false belief that it’s going to be legal and they’re going to be able to stay.
He goes on to also be among the first politicians to state that Secretary Johnson of DHS is failing dramatically, but says as to the issue at hand, “It’s up to the president to tell the world, do not come illegally, we have a process, you can apply, but you cannot enter illegally.

As far as what role amnesty played in the loss of Eric Cantor in his Virginia primary, Sessions says, “I don’t think there was any doubt about it.”

It’s always good to hear from Senator Sessions. He is one of the few politicians that says what he feels and he can do so because he’s honest and he’s right on the issues.

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