‘It’s The Border, Stupid!’ – Voters Rank U.S. Security Higher than All Foreign Conflicts.

Jack Montgomery

November 11, 2023

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Polling shows American voters value border security far more highly than the Ukrainian or even the Israeli war effort, with almost 70 percent of respondents to a Morning Consult survey saying they approve of more funding for the U.S.-Mexico border.

Sixty-eight percent of respondents backed more money for border protection, compared to 61 percent who backed aid for Israel and 58 percent who backed aid for Ukraine. In terms of voters’ top issues going into the 2024 election, only the economy ranked higher than border security, ranking number one for three times as many people as the Israel-Hamas war.

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The Joe Biden regime has this exactly backwards, however, and is currently pushing Congress to approve a funding package worth well in excess of $100 billion that would give over $60 billion to Ukraine, over $14.3 billion to Israel, and just $13.6 billion to the border – and this would funding to provide accommodation and services to migrants, not just deterrent measures.

Morning Consult found Donald Trump is more trusted than Joe Biden to handle the Israel-Hamas War, the Russia-Ukraine War, U.S.-China relations, and especially immigration.