Nov. 29, 2013 9:10am Liz Klimas

A Fort Myers, Fla., teen was arrested this week for attacking senior citizens.

Traveshia Blanks is charged with two counts of battery in the seemingly random and senseless attacks, according to WBBH-TV.

One 72-year-old victim told the news station he was weeding his garden Tuesday when he was kicked from behind. The victim fell to the ground and said he saw a woman walking away laughing, joining a group of people.

“I was in shock. Who would expect anything from out of the blue to happen like that. There’s no reason had I done something or said something,” the victim told WBBH.

An elderly man was kicked from behind while he was weeding his garden Tuesday. (Image source: WBBH-TV)

“I didn’t hear anything. There was nobody in the area at all. It was very quiet [when] all of a sudden I felt a blow to my hip and I was on the ground. I turned around to see what happened and there was a girl standing there laughing,” he said.

That same day another man was attacked. Harry Hurvitz told WBBH his doorbell rang Tuesday and he answered, seeing well-dressed teens outside.

“I stepped out to see what she was pointing to and there was another girl standing here and wammmmmm,” the 89-year-old man said.

Harry Hurvitz told the news station he doesn’t think teens realize the harm they could be causing to an older person. An attack might not just result in physical wounds, but could cause a heart attack or other ailment from shock. (Image source: WBBH-TV)

Again, the group laughed and fled.

Authorities identified the 15-year-old involved by footage taken of the attacks. Blanks, when apprehend, admitted to beating the men. She is now spending 21 days in a detention facility before her court date on Dec. 19.

The random acts of violence seem to follow what appears to be a growing, disturbing trend known as the “knockout game,” which involves targeting someone and trying to knock them out in one swing. Teens previously interviewed about the game have said they do it just “for the fun of it.”

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The safety of people targeted by such attackers is not all Hurvitz told WBBH he worries about though.

“There are lots of old ladies here who have guns and revolvers in their possession and will not open the door unless they are fully armed. And they will just let loose,” he said, telling the news station he was actually glad he was attacked and not someone else.