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    ‘Invasion’ force of hundreds of thousands of migrants PLANNED by Biden regime: 2022 M

    ‘Invasion’ force of hundreds of thousands of migrants PLANNED by Biden regime: 2022 Memo

    Thursday, May 11, 2023 by: JD Heyes
    Tags: Biden regime, big government, Border Patrol, CBP, illegal immigrants, illegal immigration, illegal migrants, insanity, internal memo, invasion usa, Joe Biden, memo, migrant invasion, migrants, national security, Open border, outrage, planned invasion, treason, Wh

    (Natural News) The regime of Joe Biden has been trying to end the Title 42 border security restrictions put in place by the real president, Donald Trump, during his administration as one of several ways to shore up border security and take away the incentives for illegal immigration.
    Title 42 is a federal statute providing the government with extra authority during health emergencies, and Trump invoked it as a means of protecting the country during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Biden tried to end it the moment he took office and began dismantling all of Trump’s immigration and border security policies, including immediately halting the construction of the effective border wall.
    Now, after the regime won in federal court and was able to finally legally end Title 42 restrictions, an invasion force of hundreds of thousands of migrants is waiting just across the borders of Texas and Arizona, ready to storm across on midnight Thursday.
    Writing for The National Pulse, Jack Montgomery noted:
    As bad as the situation on America’s southern border already is under the Biden-Harris administration, Title 42 expulsions authorized by Trump under the Public Health Services Act in 2020 have seen off some three million would-be border violators.
    Law enforcement will be stripped of this valuable tool from Thursday, with President Biden – who would have taken them away even faster if Republican-led states had not thwarted him in the courts – refusing to renew them.
    Even he seems to admit the enormity of the crisis his actions are poised to unleash, telling the press: “It’s going to be chaotic for a while.”
    But in an exclusive on Wednesday, Fox News reported that the Biden regime began planning this invasion a year ago, according to a 2022 internal memo leaked to the network.
    A memo from 2022, uncovered during legal proceedings initiated by Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, outlines how to handle migrant releases when Title 42 ends. The memo authorizes all Border Patrol Sectors to begin “safe” mass releases of migrants into city streets if NGOs are overcapacity.
    According to a report by Fox News on Tuesday, senior border officials in Washington D.C. have decided to allow all Border Patrol Sectors to begin releasing migrants to city streets if CBP and NGOs are unable to accommodate them. As per the 2022 memo, the migrants will be released at various locations, including bus stops, gas stations, and supermarkets.
    “The decision was made amid a surge of migrants across the border that has hit over 10,000 a day across multiple days this week. NGOs are already approaching their limits on capacity, and those numbers are expected to only get worse in the coming days when Title 42 — which allows for the rapid expulsion of migrants at the border due to the COVID-19 pandemic — expires,” the network reported.
    The mass releases of migrants are in accordance with a 2022 memo from Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz, which provides guidance for situations when ICE is unable to accept illegal immigrants due to a lack of space, Fox News noted further. The memo specifies that releases “should be conducted in the vicinity of [NGOs] which are able to provide further services” and that Liaison Officers will work to identify capacity and capabilities for “accepting releases, safe locations and times at which releases may be most appropriate.”
    “Releases should be made at ‘hubs’ where noncitizens have access to services offered by NGOs, transportation hubs, and/or other safe locations,” the memo continues, adding that each sector should track the releases.
    Ortiz was questioned about the memo during a July 28, 2022, deposition in relation to a lawsuit filed by Attorney General Moody against DHS.
    “It’s a memorandum that I signed on May 19th, 2022, and it discusses the non-citizen releases from our custody,” he said during the deposition.
    “In your experience, 31 years with the Border Patrol, have you ever seen a document—or have you ever seen a memorandum like Exhibit 3 before?” a lawyer pressed the Border Patrol chief.
    Ortiz responded, “No.”
    Sources include:

    ‘Invasion’ force of hundreds of thousands of migrants PLANNED by Biden regime: 2022 Memo –
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    Biden needs to be arrested and locked up in Gitmo!


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