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Thread: “Massive Scandal” – EU pays Muslim Brotherhood €36,5 Million to “Subjugate Europe”

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    “Massive Scandal” – EU pays Muslim Brotherhood €36,5 Million to “Subjugate Europe”

    “Massive Scandal” – EU pays Muslim Brotherhood €36,5 Million to “Subjugate Europe”

    By Jim Hoft
    Published August 5, 2020 at 8:54am

    The European Union paid €36.5 million to groups with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and whose agenda involves the Islamization of Europe, the right-wing I&D Faction in the European Parliament revealed.

    “Apparently, the EU has been funding front organizations with our tax Euros which have close ties to extremist, terror-related organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood”, said EU parliament budget committee member Joachim Kuhs (I&D). “This is a massive scandal, and must be stopped immediately.”
    The figures were unearthed by I&D Vice-Chair Nicolas Bay by searching the EU Financial Transparency System for the years 2014-2019 for the major European Muslim Brotherhood fronts. In these five years, a total of €5,422,678 million went to the European Network against Racism, whose members include the “Forum of European Muslim Youth & Student Organizations” (FEMYSO). FEMYSO is a front organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, the German Bundestag Research Service wrote in 2015.
    FEMYSO in turn acts as a lobbying organization in Brussels , protesting against the new EU commission 2019, calling it “not diverse“ enough and therefor “far-right.“ So the EU is paying a Muslim Brotherhood front group via another NGO to lobby itself and accuse EU Commissioner Ursula von der Leyen of having “adopted steps within the rhetoric and direction of those who vilify the full diversity of Europe” which “feed into nationalist and fascist agendas.”
    FEMYSO member organizations include Muslim Brotherhood spinoffs like the “Jeunes Musulmans de France”, “Young Muslims UK” and the “Islamic Foundation” in UK, as well radical Turkish NGO Milli Görus, which German political police refer to as “a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood“ that seeks to undermine the democratic constitution, and Muslim Youth in Germany (MJD), who have been under observation by German political police as a “danger to German democracy” for years. MJD organizes “regular appearances” by speakers with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and serves as “recruitment reservoir and talent pool for this Muslim Brotherhood influenced version of political Islam,” as the Bundestag Research Service wrote.
    According to the EU Financial Transparency System 2014-2019, €5,139,569 went to Islamic Relief, another Muslim Brotherhood front group. German officials have accused Islamic Relief Worldwide of “significant” connections to the underground Muslim Brotherhood. “A submission to the Bundesrat revealed that the powerful Federal Court of Audit was examining official grants to Islamic Relief, which was founded in Birmingham, UK, that totaled €6.1 million in the years to 2016. The response said Islamic Relief was connected to Muslim Brotherhood groups not only in Europe but around the world,” The National writes.
    Israel and the UAE have declared Islamic Relief a terrorist organization due to its financial ties to Hamas. Islamic Relief denies the allegations.
    €1,350,230 went to British Muslim Aid 2014-2019, which was defunded by the UK government 2015 due to its ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic Forum of Europe, which lobbies for the creation of a Sharia state in Europe, the Daily Telegraph writes: ”Muslim Aid has admitted funding organizations closely linked to the banned terror groups Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and is itself banned in Israel as a funder of terrorism. It is closely linked to the extremist Islamic Forum of Europe, which wants to create a Sharia state in Europe.“
    Further, the EU paid €24,425,879 to projects involving Islamist propaganda NGOs 2014-2019, said MEP Nicolas Bay, Vice Chair of the I&D Faction. Thus the UK-based Islamic Human Rights Commission did not receive direct funding, but took part in a program to fight “Islamophobia,“ which received €584,739 in 2016. Incredibly, barely two months after the 2015 deadly terror attack on the Paris offices of “Charlie Hebdo” satire magazine, which killed 12, the Islamic Human Rights Commission awarded “Charlie Hebdo” an award as “Islamophobes of the Year.”
    For the 2014-2019 time period, the office of MEP Nicolas Bay counted a total of €36,523,142 in EU funding for radical Islamic NGOs, which support terrorism and Shariah law.
    “It is YOUR money, €36.5 million, with the blessing of Brussels, that allows political Islam or networks close to Jihadism to spread their ideas, to extend their networks, to strengthen their hold on our societies. The European Commission is funding those who openly take up their project to subjugate Europe. This is unacceptable,” stated MEP Nicolas Bay, Vice Chair of the conservative I&D faction.

    Collin McMahon is Gateway Pundit foreign correspondent. Follow him on Parler.

    Featured image: Muslim Brotherhood flag
    If you're gonna fight, fight like you're the third monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark... and brother its starting to rain. Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Our tax dollars fund organizations with ties to Soros who is destroying our country. When will that be defunded?

    We are forced to send foreign aid, in the billions, to countries that hate us for decades. When will that outrage be defunded?

    We are forced to give billions to Mexico and Central America while they continue to DUMP their responsibilities over our border with zero results! How about not one more dime until they incarcerate and remove their gangs and cartels from their communities. These terrorists need to be put down or these countries will never have peace, jobs, and prosperity.

    Our elected government employees are destroying our countries, with OUR money, out of our wallets! They are our "employee", they work for us. They seem to have forgotten that, and simply do not care about the citizens they represent. This is outrages.


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