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Thread: “Save America – Deport an Environmentalist” and every illegal alien

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    “Save America – Deport an Environmentalist” and every illegal alien

    “Save America – Deport an Environmentalist”

    March 24, 2012 by ppjg

    from – The Parallax Prophecies -By Ron Ewart, President
    National Association of Rural Landowners
    and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
    We are helping to spread freedom and liberty around the globe.
    © Copyright Sunday, March 25, 2012 – All Rights Reserved

    “Never before, in the history of America, has a movement done more to destroy individual liberties and property rights, as has the environmental movement. In the name of social justice and environmental protection, as crafted by the United Nations at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 under the Agenda 21 Accord and signed off by over 160 nations, including the United States, radical environmentalism has become a planet-wide, quasi-religious cult, that survives by propagating myths, lies, distortions and propaganda, for the sole purpose of stripping America of its resources, its wealth, its freedom and its sovereignty.

    In an evil public-private partnership with government, it moves by stealth, subterfuge, indoctrination and political and legal skullduggery.

    It fills the heads of little children with misinformation and fear.

    The movement is extremely well funded by national and international interests, is powerful and politically influential and has managed to brainwash an entire planet with scientific hogwash and end-of-the-world scenarios, to scare a naive populace into submission, capitulation and eventual slavery.

    It is a worldwide, money-making, snake-oil con game that is sucking the very life out of liberty.

    Radical environmentalism could very well be more dangerous to American freedom than all of the Islamic terrorists combined. We either tame it or defeat it, or, in the end, radical environmentalism and its evil brother, social justice, will bury America in the deep and forgotten grave of its final resting place as a third-world nation in an oligarchy-elitist-run, socialist model, global government.” Ron Ewart

    NOTE: And the UN is at it again! Rio + 20, a sequel to the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 which gave birth to Agenda 21, is now scheduled for June 22, 2012. Preliminary conferences are already underway in preparation for Earth Summit 2 and America is participating. They even have a day counter on their website, counting down to the June 22nd conference, labeled as: “____ number of days to the future we want.” But the real questions are, who is “WE” and what kind of “future” are they talking about? “WE” certainly isn’t the American people and “their” future would likely dissolve American sovereignty. Check it out HERE!
    We have a saying:

    “Protecting the environment is laudable.

    Trashing the Constitution to do it, is treasonous!”

    But unfortunately, the religious cult that is internationally-driven radical environmentalism, has no qualms or compunction about burying the U. S. Constitution in a blizzard of social justice and environmental protection laws and court precedents, that come from a litany of never-ending environmental lawsuits, brought by environmental groups that apply for federal grant money and then use that money to sue the government.

    Environmental groups and their lawyers have become filthy rich from these lawsuits because government constantly passes complicated, often conflicting, environmental laws that become a gold mine for money-hungry lawyers.

    From property rights, to energy, to alternative energy, to food, to water, to fish, to endangered species, to blocking resource production, radical environmentalism and environmental law are sending America reeling into the dark ages, while the rest of the world is having a free-for-all developing new petroleum, natural gas, hydro, coal and nuclear energy, along with exploring for new natural resources. Much of our trace and scarce minerals come from China. China is building one coal-fired power plant every week. It built the giant 3 Gorges dam that provides a massive source of electricity, flood control and agricultural irrigation.

    And China has bought up $1.2 Trillion of our national debt. Who is subservient to whom in a lender-borrower relationship? Just try telling your bank you don’t like the terms of your mortgage loan that you have signed and find out just who is subservient to whom! Remember the 1950′s song that Tennessee Ernie Ford sung, “Sixteen Tons” where he said, “I owe my soul to the company store.” That’s right, we owe our soul to China.

    Russia, on the other hand, is going after more on-shore and offshore energy production with a vengeance. Neither China or Russia worry one bit about their discharges into the atmosphere, or into rivers, lakes, or the ocean. Meanwhile, we lock up our resources by environmental law, or by putting the brakes on the resource permitting process.

    Environmentalists have stopped oil refineries and nuclear power plants from being built for 30 years. Hydroelectric dams, the cheapest form of high-efficient, renewable energy, are now impossible to build because of environmental law. Forget nuclear and coal. Instead, at the incessant lobbying by radical environmentalists, government uses billions of our tax dollars to subsidize wind and solar power, that provide less than 1% of the total energy production in America, while they do everything in their power to limit petroleum, coal-based, hydro and nuclear energy production. And we are letting them do it.

    That’s why a gallon of gas is now over $4.00 in most places (headed for $5.00) and will not likely come down. That’s why our power capacity is at or near maximum.

    Environmentalists, in concert with radical international environmentalists, are trying to lock up private lands in the U. S. for biospheres and wildlife corridors without compensating the owners of the private lands they want to take. They accomplish this lock up with ridiculously wide buffers and conservation easements.

    The ever-present environmental lobby is responsible for stopping drilling for oil in areas of known oil reserves, thus making us more dependent on foreign sources and driving up the cost of oil and oil-associated products, accordingly. The unnecessary cost for overt and radical environmental protection has been in the trillions of dollars since international environmentalism rose its ugly head back in the 60′s.

    And then there is “climate change!” What happened to man-caused global warming?

    Why now “climate change?” Is that because “climate change” doesn’t have a negative connotation ….. yet?

    After all, the climate does change and we can’t argue with that now ….. can we?

    However, many scientists and credible researchers debunk the so-called facts on man-caused global warming and the affects of CO2 on the atmosphere and infrared trapping, almost every day. But still this con game is pushed down the throats of the naive without any mention of the fact that the science on man-caused global warming is far from settled. We wrote a guest editorial that appeared in the Seattle Times in December of 2005 entitled GLOBAL WARMING, A FARCE that once more debunks this government propaganda, designed to extort more money from the general public in a world wide, grand re-distribution of wealth scheme.

    To make matters even worse, we starve highly fertile agriculture land of its lifeblood of water for a 2-inch fish, thereby decreasing food production and driving up food prices and unemployment. Instead of building more dams for electricity generation, flood control and irrigation, we tear them out ….. for fish.

    It has been estimated that the work being done on the Columbia River drainage basin in the name of salmon habit restoration, runs in the neighborhood of $3,000,000 per fish. (So much for a cost benefit analysis.)

    But the fact is salmon are not endangered. Only native salmon are supposedly endangered. There is plenty of hatchery salmon but environmentalists won’t let native and hatchery salmon mingle. So they actually kill hatchery salmon, downstream from the hatchery, so they can’t mingle with the native salmon, in their efforts to return spawning river habitat to its pristine condition.

    Oh, and if you live on a spawning river or stream, you can forget about property rights. You have none. Environmental, salmon recovery and endangered species law supersede your property rights.

    The U. S. Forest Service, the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management and the Environmental Protection Agency and God knows how many other government agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), are but shills for the environmental lobby.

    Whatever the environmentalists want, these agencies and the NGO’s bend over backwards to give it to them. They care nothing about constitutional property rights. They care nothing about the law that requires them to go through a step-by-step procedure to promulgate new rules and they are promulgating new rules almost every day. Their public hearings are for show only to make the public feel like they had a say. Government already has its mind made up well before the public hearing or written testimony process begins. How do we know? Because we have seen it in action, first hand.

    Many of you have heard of the battle that the Sacketts of Idaho have had with the Environmental Protection Agency over trying to build a home on a lot they owned. Every other lot in the subdivision had a home on it already, but the EPA went after the Sacketts for filling in a wetland. The Pacific Legal Foundation took the case to the U. S. Supreme Court on behalf of the Sacketts and the court just handed down a decision that would appear to be a victory for the Sacketts ….. but is it? For those that are interested in the case, we discuss some of the issues “HERE”, which includes an announcement from Pacific Legal about the decision and a copy of the actual Court decision in PDF format.

    Only America has to succumb to reductions in CO2 emissions and Cap and Trade insanity, while gutting our energy production.

    Only America must protect endangered species when the fact is that 99.99% of all species that ever lived on earth are now extinct.

    What makes us think that today’s species are sacrosanct and must be saved by trashing the constitution?

    Only America must save every wetland, when 10,000 years ago one third of the earth’s land surface was covered in an ice sheet over one mile thick where there were no wetlands. How did the earth ever survive this dearth of wetlands?

    Only America must tie its hands and feet on the false God of radical environmentalism.

    Ladies and gentlemen, have Americans become suddenly infected with a stupid gene?

    Or is there a yellow streak running down their backs?

    Have we lost the fire in our bellies to challenge a bully, after too many years of the easy life? “Whatever we do, let’s not rock the boat.

    God forbid, someone might get hurt!” People are already getting hurt by government actions and especially environmental actions.

    Most people just don’t know it yet, especially urban dwellers who don’t care what happens to those that choose to live in the rural areas and grow the nation’s food.

    Do you want to know whom to blame for fuel and food costs going up? Blame an environmentalist and the government that aids and abets them. Do want to know why property rights only exist in the minds of Americans who haven’t discovered yet that the 5th Amendment protections against government takings has been declared null and void by virtue of environmental law.

    Blame an environmentalist.

    Radical environmentalism has severely weakened our economic engine, reduced our power capacity and eroded our constitutional form of government almost beyond repair. Environmental actions, laws and restrictions have contributed heavily towards the national debt. Because of radical environmentalism, we have gone from a country of YES WE CAN to a weakened nation of NO WE CAN’T.

    But radical environmentalism has worked beyond their wildest dreams. It seems that almost every one is now on the “GREEN BANDWAGON!” If we hear of one more person, company, or organization “going green”, it is quite possible we will lose our lunch.

    “Save America – Deport an Environmentalist!”. Now there is a thought. “The Parallax Prophecies” predicts that if we could deport every environmentalist and every illegal alien, America would become much more manageable and we could then muster enough votes to payoff much of our debt, reduce the size of government, reclaim freedom and restore our Constitutional Republic, probably in one 4-year term of a new conservative president.

    Unfortunately, environmentalists, socialists, people with their hands out to government and many illegal aliens get to vote, since U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder has ruled that they don’t have to provide photo ID.

    Until we solve this vexing problem of whom gets to vote, our chances to save America for current and future generations are up for grabs, unless free-loving Americans finally get a spine, that is if there are enough free-loving Americans left. We strongly believe that there are.

    Ron Ewart, President
    P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA 98027
    425 837-5365 or 1 800 682-7848
    Publisher’s link to “Rio + 20″
    Publisher’s link to “Global Warming …..”
    Publishers link to NARLO

    “Save America – Deport an Environmentalist” « The PPJ Gazette
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    The Money Laundering will continue until people are put on trial. This was and still is RACKETEERING on a Global Scale

    Hundreds of Billions of U.S. Tax Payer Money would be skimmed out of the Treasury "YEARLY" for ever more; until the end of time by the U.N. so it can push its RADICAL MYTHICAL IDEOLOGY and Lies upon Lies, that Distort the Truth, that bend Reality to the breaking point

    Why are the Environmentalists not bent out of shape from all of the Illegals in this country that are burning fuel, destroying the environment, throwing trash in the desert

    we do have to take care of the environment; we are stewards of this planet .. but you are NOT going to rob me blind to give the money to another country so they can pay off politicians and money is skimmed off of the top

    1. This damn SCAM~a~RAMA has got to stop

    2. I aint paying for this crap, NOR will I pay for Illegal Aliens with my tax dollars; if the Democrats or RINO's want to pay for them... I suggest they put on a dress and get their backside out on a corner ... this is also Racketeering and you can go to jail for that

    I aint paying for FRAUD
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    Why are the Environmentalists not bent out of shape from all of the Illegals in this country that are burning fuel, destroying the environment, throwing trash in the desert
    Yes! Where are the Environmentalists on this: Our tax dollars again at work...

    Illegal Immigrants Trash Border Lands With Tons Of Waste

    February 01, 2012

    A little-known side of the heated Mexican border security issue is that government workers risk their lives to clean up the huge amounts of trash left by illegal immigrants in secluded desert areas with rigorous terrain.

    The job is becoming increasingly difficult and dangerous as illegal aliens use more remote paths to avoid stepped up enforcement along the vast U.S.-Mexico border, according to testimony delivered recently by the director of Arizona’s Department of Environmental Quality. The state official, Henry Darwin, recently testified before an Arizona Senate committee in charge of border security and other related matters.

    Each year illegal immigrants leave behind an estimated 2,000 tons of trash—including soiled diapers, plastic bottles and abandoned vehicles—in public Arizona lands along the border, Darwin said, and it’s becoming tougher to clean up the huge mess. “These are dangerous areas,” Darwin told the panel. “These are known areas of illegal immigration, illegal drug trafficking.”

    Getting cleanup crews and equipment to these increasingly remote portions of the desert is, not only tough, but also hazardous. Camp sites set up by illegal immigrants and drug smugglers are the most difficult to clean up, Darwin said, and rain often washes trash into drainages before state workers have a chance to clean it up.

    The problem is so severe that the state created a special web site dedicated to trash along Arizona’s 370-mile border with Mexico. It includes pictures of southern border areas covered with piles of waste as well as alarming statistics. For instance, the thousands of tons of trash discarded by illegal immigrants annually is having a detrimental environmental impact and affecting the area’s human health and the economic wellbeing.

    Listed examples include strewn trash and piles, illegal trails and paths, erosion and watershed degradation, damaged infrastructure and property and loss of vegetation and wildlife. There is also lots of vandalism, graffiti and damage to historical and archaeological sites. Adding insult to injury, taxpayers pick up the exorbitant tab to clean it up. This so-called “landfill fee” ranges from $37 to $49 per ton in southern Arizona and that doesn’t even include costs for materials, equipment, labor and transportation.

    For years American taxpayers have financed never-ending cleanup efforts along the southern border. That’s because millions of pounds of trash and human waste are left by illegal immigrants who cross through federal and state parks during their trek from Mexico into the U.S. A few years ago the federal government invested $63 million to clean up 25 million pounds of trash in the country’s most prized national forests, including Arizona’s Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge and California’s Cleveland National Forest.

    The effort barely put a dent on the problem because federal officials say the trash piles up at a much faster rate than it can be cleaned up. This continues to “cause extraordinary damage to natural resources and facilities,” according to congressional testimony delivered a few years ago by a high-ranking U.S. Forest official.

    Illegal Immigrants Trash Border Lands With Tons Of Waste | Judicial Watch

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