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    3,000 Sex Offending Illegals Set Free To Roam Americaís Streets

    3,000 Sex Offending Illegals Set Free To Roam Americaís Streets

    Posted 8 hours ago by Dave Jolly

    In one of the dumbest Supreme Court rulings in history, perhaps second only to the legalization of the insurance mandate, illegal aliens guilty of criminal offenses are being released to once again walk the streets of America. In the 2001 decision, the Court ruled that illegals cannot be detained for punitive reasons if their home country refuses to take them back. Yep, thatís right. If Mexico refuses to accept their citizens that enter our country illegally, those illegals cannot be detained in American jails, even for punitive reasons. If Muslim terrorists enter our country illegally, are arrested and their country of origin refuses to take them back, according to the Supreme Court ruling, they must be released from custody and allowed to walk our streets. Since last September, a total of 59,347 illegals have been released from jails because of the Courtís ruling. Just recently, 2,837 illegals convicted of sexual offenses were released back out onto our streets because their countries would not take them back. Is that not ridiculous and obscene? When released, the illegal sex offenders are supposed to report in to local authorities on a regular basis, similar to how American sex offenders are required to do. But not all of them do. The Government Accountability Office says that about 5% of them have never registered. The same report stated that when sex offending illegals were deported, a large percentage of them just turned around and came back to the US anyway. What I want to know is why the Supreme Court made the stupid ruling in the first place? To begin with, I donít care if a country doesnít want their citizens back. If they came here illegally, we need to take them back to their country and then bill that country for all expenses incurred from the time of the arrest to the deportation. If a nation doesnít like it, then they need to take measures to keep their people in their own country, otherwise itís going to cost them. If an illegal was convicted of a criminal offense, they need to have their butts sitting in a jail cell paying for their crime. If American citizens served their time in jail, then why canít illegals? Again this comes back to the problem of the federal governmentís lack of border security. Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again. Bring our troops home from countries that hate us, like Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and station them along the Mexican border. If we can patrol the deserts of the Middle East, then we should be able to patrol the deserts of the southwestern US. We have enough troops abroad to station them within line of sight along the entire Mexican border. Anyone caught trying to cross the border will be detained, jailed and deported with no exceptions. If they resist arrest at the border, then they will be subject to the use of force up to and including being shot. If the Supreme Court rules against the program, then they are subject to being fired and removed from office. The US Constitution only states that they shall serve in Good Behavior. There is nothing in the Constitution or federal law that states Supreme Court justices or any other federal judge is appointed for life. If the high court makes a stupid ruling like they did in 2001, I donít consider that to be good behavior and therefore is grounds for removal from the bench.


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    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

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