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Thread: 3 ICE Agents Wounded, Going after MS-13’s Norteños on Anti-gang Sweeps

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    3 ICE Agents Wounded, Going after MS-13’s Norteños on Anti-gang Sweeps

    May 4, 2012
    Marc Chamot
    SF Conservative Examiner

    Illegal alien gangsters in America
    Photo credit:
    POLICE Magazine - Police News for the Law Enforcement Community

    Osama Bin Laden Endorses MSNBC as Most Fair & Balanced & Keith Olbermann His Favorite Anchor! 3 ICE Agents Wounded, Going after MS-13’s Norteños on Anti-gang Sweeps Raises Some Questions?

    Is this country infested with illegal Hispanic/Latinos criminal illegal elements, enough to shoot 3 ICE agents?

    Yes, illegal alien thugs with guns, imagine that? So why weren't any of these criminal thugs killed under gunfire? That's the mystery question?

    But first; Do American Left-Wing nutcases inspire terrorism? I think it does, because Osama Bin Laden’s recovered memoires’ says so.

    What does it tell you, about American leftist liberals, or liberals in general, when Osama Bin Laden endorses their Network?

    No kidding. Osama Bin Laden thought that radical and left-wing MSNBC was the most fair and balanced.

    His favorite clown on the Network was that ultra-nutcase, Keith Olbermann; Osama’s written work says, he was very disappointed at MSNBC for firing him.

    And these leftist nutcases are saying that Republican conservatives are the radicals. Wow! Here’s the proof folks, obviously from Osama comments on MSNBC and Olbermann that anti-Americanism from the left inspires terrorism, there’s no butt’s about it my friends.

    3 federal ICE agents were shot and wounded going after criminal illegal alien thugs and gangsters in Petaluma California.

    This was prompted by a 2010 triple killing in South San Francisco California, where Feds and local authorities took part in a crime sweep across the Bay Area and arrested 13 gangsters; most were part of the viscous murderous Hispanic MS-13’s Norteño gangsters.

    When federal agents came busting through the garage door, shots were fired from inside the home and injured three ICE agents. What I’m wondering? With such a force; why weren’t any of those criminals illegal alien gangsters killed on the spot?

    Is President Obama restricting our federal agents from returning fire to shoot and kill, on Latino dangerous criminal illegal gangsters like the MS-13?

    Is President Obama putting our agents at risk, just for Latino support? Folks, I find it very incredulous that a federal SWAT team, when three Fed members get shot, but gangsters like MS-13, the perpetrators, who started the gunfire survive to live another day?

    3 ICE Agents Wounded, Going after MS-13
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    wow, its just plain scary to think they were so close!! when they reported this on the local news...they mentioned that they lived right across the street from a shopping center....but what they forgot to mention...was directly across the street is an elementary school and pre-school !!

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