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    400 Immigrant Detention Centers?

    This article in the June 1 Los Angeles Times Opinion section is worth reading for some of the statistics it provides: ... 0385.story

    There are 400 immigrant detention centers across the country? This system processed 300,000 people in 2007? People are detained FOR MONTHS?

    Personally, I feel the subject of the story is a tragedy. I don't want prisoners to suffer, and I want them to be provided medical care. But I don't want them in prison! I don't want them HERE! How freakin hard is it to put a guy on a bus back to Tijuana, or Juarez, or wherever? You're either here illegally, or you're not. When you're arrested, or when you're arraigned, if you make some claim that you're not illegal, transfer that guy to a real federal prison, give him a real hearing with a public defender, and if the dude lied, put him in the desert with Arapaio for a year. Everyone else, get on the bus.

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    I'm not familiar with this law, and if it's true I think we have to change it: The author refers to legal residents who are charged with crimes, like shoplifting. When I hear "legal resident" I assume green card, permanent residency, you just have to wait before you can apply for citizenship. If you're here on a work visa, are you considered a "legal resident."

    I do not like the idea that persons who are permanent legal residents are detained with illegals. If someone is worthy of a green card, they're entitled to all the rights and privileges of citizenship, except voting. I don't like this concept of having all these people walking around with different rights. That's why I don't like voter ID laws, that's why I back the illegals when Walmart or whoever screws them on overtime, workplace violations, etc.

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    I may be wrong but it appears this is a sob story for illegals because they don't and won't make a distinct difference between legal and illegal and like to clump them all together to keep the attention off the real issue. Mistakes are made across the board and there very well may be an incident where 1 or 2 people were held wrongly......the exception not the rule. Granted......1 exception is worth the investigation, but I doubt it's as awful as they try and make it out to be. The wheels of justice turn slowly and I don't like taking care of them for years either when a bus ticket is the route to go. But I'd rather they be in a detention center than out in the streets doing more crimes. I don't like how they minimise these crimes either as if they are nothing. Citizens pay for these same crimes and have it haunt them for their entire lives. A kid gets in more trouble for a joint than a drug trafficer gets unless he has more than 500 lbs. crossing the border. The more laws they get away with breaking, the more they feel they have the right to ignore. The big one...being here illegally to begin with. The list could much longer if all their actions were "caught".
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    Why deport when they will be back in 3 weeks?
    The borders are still wide open, why spend millions deporting and deporting and deporting?

    The fact is, this country is about to friggn blow up!
    I'm sick and damn tired of these worthless politicians doing nothing but bandaid fixes that don't last or get overturned in a month or two.

    When The sheriff Joe Appriao locked down the immigration law in Phoenix Arizona several months ago, I wrote him a letter and told him I would move there if he go the law passed.

    Well you know what? The law isn't enough.
    Will I uproot my family and spend thousands of dollars to get a better job when every other the week the law is being challenged and could be overturned at anytime? No I will not. The open borders people know this and thats how they keep people from moving there. This way they can say the law isn't working, there aren't people moving in to take the jobs and that businesses are being hurt by the law. That illegals aren't taking jobs from Americans. They know as long as they keep challenging and keeping things uncertian, nobody is going to move there, its too risky. I wish we could just remove politics from everything, all it does is raise the prices of honest people trying to make a living and circumventing honest Americans which you'd think, is the people we want working and doing business, not the crooks.

    Thats the problem with these state laws, they are constantly being challenged and with todays PC law making and over turning judges who is to say what the law will be next week?

    So ... NO! I won't uproot my family just to get caught up in the same sensless junk there, then I'll be stuck and

    WE NEED A NATIONAL REFERENDUM. I KNOW I KEEP SAYING IT BUT THINK ABOUT PEOPLE THAT ARE WILLING TO MOVE SOMEWHERE WHERE THE LAW HAS BEEN CHANGED TO STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, ITS CHALLENGED RELENTLESSLY. I cannot afford the risk, the headache or the heartache to go through it. the fact is, we need common sense and the rule of law to prevail. no more agruements, the law is the law and it should be enforced to the full degree, period!

    Since 2001 I have been fighting this fight, I have lost a great amount of money and my lifestyle is now minimal. I'm getting really tired of battling the bottomless pit of money the special interest crooks have to go around the honest American citizens. I still get mad as hell everyday and sometimes I have to step back to keep from going insane on somebody.

    Apparently we don't have a Constitution anymore.
    Apparently we are once again under British Rule. (big Business)
    Apparently the rule of law only applies to American Citizens.
    Apparently the American People have no voice.
    Apparently crooks finally control everything, they have no opposition.
    Apparently anything goes, do what you want even if you harm millions.
    Apparently millions of letters wanting the borders closed are trashed.
    Apparently invisible skin has now been created, the only thing that shows up on a average American person is the green money in their pocket which has a chain and can be pulled by the government anytime for any reason they see fit.
    Apparently we have NO REPRESENTATION in local, state and federal governments.
    Apparently the end means is to kill us, so what are they waiting for?


    Unless we get those criminals & make them pay for what they have done to our country and the lawlessness they have sponsored, we are just another Mexico ourselves!

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