ABSURD: Migrants allowed to travel without showing proper identification at U.S. airports

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Migrants are being allowed to travel without showing proper identification at U.S. airports, causing outrage among citizens traveling domestically who have to show their passports and go through the more rigorous boarding process.
"If you're a U.S. citizen and don't believe we live in a two-tiered society, try getting on an airplane at any U.S. airport without showing ID. Then watch an illegal board no questions asked," noted independent journalist Leo Hohmann. "Joe Biden's Transportation Security Administration [TSA] … is working with Customs and Border Protection [CBP] to allow illegal aliens to fly without proper identification." (Related: 95.8% of ILLEGAL ALIENS using CBP One app released into the U.S.)
One sign found at an airport in Miami claims that the TSA is working with the CBP to "validate adult non-U.S. citizen travel documentation when the traveler does not otherwise have an acceptable form of identification."
This process works for migrants who have entered the country using the CBP One app, which can serve as their travel document. Some 45,000 illegal immigrants are being allowed to enter the country through the CBP One app every month.
"I'm an American citizen and I’m quite offended that these migrants that have come in here are getting preferential treatment and being prioritized in so many ways," said retired CBP Chief Patrol Agent Chris Clem. "The rest of us are paying the price at gas pumps and grocery stores. Tax is going up. Yet [America is] continuing to bring masses of people [in]."
"[The Biden administration's mentality is] to try and make it the most humane and pleasurable experience for these poor people under distress because it is such a tough ordeal to navigate an American airport," continued Clem. "But you've got to be kidding me, many of them just came from [the] Middle East, traversed seven countries, used apps to get here, and we're supposed to believe Phoenix Airport might be all too much for them. Ridiculous."
Illegal immigrants and so-called asylum seekers who enter the country with the help of the CBP One app have to provide biometric information, including fingerprints, and be photographed by border officials when they are interviewed trying to enter the country through checkpoints before they are admitted into the United States.
But Clem noted that authorities still only have basic information about the individuals that arrive at that point, and questioned how authorities can be certain whether people are who they claim to be if they arrived at the border with no passport or any other proper identification.
"We're basing it all off what this person is telling us and a minimum system of information," he said. "Do we really know who they are? Did they use the app or did a smuggler do it all for them?"
Officials questioning security of letting illegals onto domestic flights

In a letter to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is seeking more information about how thorough it really is for the TSA to screen migrants who want to board domestic flights using just the CBP One app.
"While Americans must present an acceptable form of identification to fly, or at least have their identities confirmed, TSA is permitting illegal aliens without ID to opt for an alternate identity verification process utilizing the … 'CBP One' app," Cruz noted, adding that the process "takes illegal aliens at their word" on the data they provide to the app and allows them to obtain Homeland Security documents to fly out of airports.
"In effect, TSA is applying one standard for verifying the identities of American citizens, and another, weaker standard for ‘verifying’ the identities of illegal aliens. This is alarming," the senator added.
Cruz, a ranking member of the Senate Commerce Committee, also pointed out that migrants who do not have a passport or verifiable form of identification may also be inadvertently legitimized by the system if fake names and dates of birth are accepted by CBP and then printed onto government-issued ID cards.
"TSA may use his unverified name and date of birth in CBP One to verify his identity, even though the person may in fact be a terrorist or other criminal traveling under a fake identity," he wrote.
DHS said all passengers have the right to opt out of automated facial recognition and any noncitizen who poses a threat to public safety is detained and prosecuted.
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Watch this video of how illegal immigrants are being taught to use the CBP One app to avoid getting their identification verified at airports.

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