ACTIVE INVASION: At least 7.3 million illegal immigrants have crossed the southwest border under Joe Biden

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Under President Joe Biden's administration, a record 7.3 million illegal aliens have crossed the southwest border.
According to data from Customs and Border Protection (CBP), a total of 7,298,486 interactions were recorded at the United States' southwest land border since Biden took office in January 2021. This represents a population of illegal immigrants higher than the residents of 36 U.S. states.
In the current fiscal year, which runs from October to September, the agency has already reported 961,537 southwest land border encounters. If the current rate of illegal immigration does not slow down, fiscal year 2024 will break last year’s record of 2,475,669 southwest border encounters, a number that by itself exceeds the population of New Mexico. (Related: MOBS of Chinese illegal immigrants SWARM California border.)
If all of the illegal immigrants who entered the country under Biden came together to create a metropolis, it would be the second-largest in the country behind New York City.
Illegal immigrant population in the U.S. likely much higher due to "gotaways"

CBP's figures do not account for the estimated 1.6 million more illegal immigrants who are thought to have entered the country illegally, nor the 1.8 million known "gotaways" who have eluded authorities.
When combined, almost 10 million people have entered the country illegally under the Biden administration.
"This extraordinary increase in undocumented immigrants is not a coincidence. It is the outcome of the Biden administration's intentional policy decisions," according to Eric Ruark, Director of Research at Numbers USA, an organization that supports immigration restrictions.
While some Republicans and anti-illegal immigration activists have blamed Biden for allowing the current overwhelming surge of migrants by undoing Trump's border policies, the White House has denied responsibility for the crisis and blamed external "push" factors like violence and economic instability in South and Central America for the massive waves of migration to the United States.
Opponents of the president counter that because immigrants are aware that Biden's lax immigration laws will not result in their expulsion, they have greater "pull" factors in the form of government subsidies and employment prospects.
"The administration has refused to enforce existing immigration law and taken every opportunity to aid and abet illegal border crossings – through policies such as catch-and-release, mass parole and offering temporary work permits to tens of thousands of foreigners who make dubious claims for asylum," Ruark said. "In actual effect, the United States government is completing the human smuggling and trafficking process for the Mexican cartels."
Federation for American Immigration Reform spokesman Ira Mehlman stated that for the past three years, immigrants have been informed they will not be deported for entering the country without authorization.
"They have sent the signal that if you come to the U.S. illegally, if you abuse the asylum system, you'll be released into the country and allowed to remain here, in most cases given work authorization," Mehlman said. "Even if you neglect to show up for your hearings, the odds of you being removed are negligible. The president claims he doesn't have the authority to enforce our laws. He absolutely does. He is deliberately not enforcing those laws."
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