Activists Plot To Get Migrant Kids Into America With Crime Witness Visas

Aug 13, 2021

As illegal migrant children flood into the United States of America and cause massive overpopulation problems in the U.S. foster care system, observers are wondering what kinds of tactics the globalist Left will use to pump as many of the children into America as possible. Some leftist activists are lobbying Texas Governor Greg Abbott to authorize the use of “S” visas for the children, which are very rare and exclusive types of visas reserved for witnesses to crimes and informants who help law enforcement entities. If the “S visa” becomes a widespread mechanism for migrant importation into the United States, then it will certainly cause more immigration chaos while also officially cementing the fact that human smugglers are committing crimes in the presence of children who come over the border.
Charlotte Immigration Law Firm defines the “S” visa as: “The S nonimmigrant visa is a special visa available to those individuals who assist law enforcement as a witness or informant in a criminal investigation or prosecution. This visa allows the witness or informant to come to or remain in the United States during the investigation or prosecution of the criminal act. Further, once the terms of their cooperation are complete, they may be eligible for apply for permanent residency…In order to be eligible for an S nonimmigrant visa, the applicant must possess information regarding a crime that has already occurred or that may occur and be willing to share that information with law enforcement. The petitioner for this particular visa may only be a federal or state law enforcement agency, or the U.S. Attorney’s office, once they have determined that the applicant possesses credible information. Only after the S nonimmigrant has completed the terms of their cooperation with law enforcement may they apply for their green card.”

But pro-migration activists are trying to use the “S” visa to pump migrant children into the country, and it remains unclear how many of the children theoretically receiving this visa will actually aid and abet law enforcement. In a little-noticed statement issued after a meeting with League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) at a migrant detention center, immigration lawyer Fernando Dubove stated, “Once you have that application filed and then you get a hearing date with an immigration judge, the fact that you have that application filed usually lets the immigration judge basically stay the case, or leave it pending or continue the case until that visa is adjudicated. So just filing the application helps the kids down the road when they go before an immigration judge.”
Pretty brazen stuff. LULAC is also a major proponent of shipping the migrant kids into American foster families.

The migrant crisis is causing a crisis in foster care, as institutions expect foster parents to house the illegal underaged invaders. The Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD) for the state of California recently blasted out emails and voicemails to foster families asking them if they can take in up to 26 new children, according to the Daily Mail. Can you imagine what life is going to be like for America’s orphans now that they have to share housing with the Third World?


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