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    The air show a couple weeks ago?

    Was there any news about the turn out?
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    Haven't heard anything, but I did receive the following email from one of the people in charge:

    Mr. xxx:

    Thank you very much for your support of Desert Cities Minutemen. I am wearing two hats here, xxx xxxx for the show, and xxxxx xxxxxxx for Desert Cities. They don't know how close they came to losing my services as xxx xxxx over this, and they may yet. Again thank you for sending your e-mail to them.


    >Dear Air Show personnel,

    My two sons and I were very much looking forward to attending your show this weekend. After discovering, however, that your administrators have banned a booth to be held by a patriotic organization, I cannot in good conscience support your endeavor and will not attend.

    Mr. xxxx
    xxxxxx, CA

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