I just wanted to share a few words of encouragement now that our new web server is in place. Anyone else notice the extra speed? Shall we see how long it takes us to exceed the capacity of this new machine? The old one was crying before we retired it.

Those of you that are working to push our traffic deserve the credit. By forwarding emails that link into our site and articles and by posting links on web forums around the nation we are growing by leaps and bounds.

I expect us to cross the 2 million page reads milestone this month and we should be entering new record terrotory on our monthy page reads within a few days.

Also, people are responding very well to our online segment of the April Fundraiser. We still have a long way to go before we have the funds we need to grow, but many of our contributors are new members and visitors to the site.

If you would like to help increase web traffic to ALIPAC and help the nation wake up to the realities that confront us from rampant illegal immigration then there are two things you can do.

You can join our activists here to forward e-mails and link in traffic from other forums or

You can help us to get more links pointing at ALIPAC from other websites.

Other websites for news organizations and immigration reform groups have web links sections. If you find an organization that does not have a current link to please send them a polite e-mail that says.

"Webmaster: I noticed that your site does not have a link to Americans for Legal Immigration PAC or ALIPAC. This organization is important because of (your decision here). Please provide your members and visitors with a link to If you would like a link back to your site from ALIPAC, please write William Gheen at"


Search engines will index ALIPAC higher if more links are pointing at us. In return, they will index sites we point at higher as well.

More cooperation and communication among immigration reform groups is part of our core philosophy.

We need your help expanding our network.

Fight back! Join ALIPAC!

William Gheen