Allen West Drops Bombshell About Obama Impeachment [VIDEO]

Friday, November 21st, 2014

Obama’s plan to grant illegal immigrants amnesty has left many people angry and frustrated — including former Congressman Allen West.
In a recent interview with Newsmax, the outspoken West announced that Obama’s amnesty action could be the final straw that gets him impeached.

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According to West, the announcement that Obama will use executive action to circumvent laws and grant amnesty to illegals will trigger “an incredible cry from the American people.” West said that there will be major outrage over the decision, and a push by Americans to kick Obama out of the White House.
President Obama’s order would mean that millions of people who entered the country illegally would suddenly be allowed to stay, with no consequences.

Allen West commented: “It would be the President of the United States saying, ‘I want to violate the Constitution and grant amnesty to people who are here illegally’… and that is more important to [him] than the functioning of the United States government.”
West also pointed out — quite correctly — that the entire reason our country has a separation of powers is to prevent a dictator-like ruler from passing whatever laws he likes. “Who has the enumerated powers to do this? It is with the Legislative Branch, it’s not with the Executive Branch,” said West.
One thing seems clear: Whether or not Republicans move to impeach the President in the next two years, Obama has shown over and over that he has absolute disdain for the Constitution.

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