Slagle: Amazement in Arizona
By John Slagle

There are always facts that cannot be summed up on feedback articles on the Federal Observer. Re: Editor, publisher of the Tombstone Tumbleweed, and the usual fears from high school students to open border advocates regarding "guns" on the Border, Inland news.

I've known Chris Simcox, directly, and indirectly since 2003 and 2004 when we were guest speakers at the Republican Club in Sierra Vista. Despite the "weapons violation arrest in a national park", a "set up" by a Hispanic Park Ranger, the facts are well known.

An old friend, retired field op supervisory, USBP and I traveled to Tombstone to meet with Fred Elbel, Colorado Coalition for Immigration Reform, Desert Invasion - U.S website and MMP Volunteer.

Fred, Frosty Wooldridge border documentaries, videos were a eye opener, Border trash to dope smuggling trails and News publisher, reporter Simcox who established a civilian watch group, all politically incorrect issues when illegal immigration, despite 911 was fine in D.C.

For over thirty years, Jeff, I have seen times when citizens would not be involved in any issue, allowing politicians 'free reign" taxpayers pay the bills, other than money, their opinion means nothing like Arizona prop 200. Despite the will of the majority, the Governor to U.S. elected Representatives still "challenge" a popular vote in Arizona. I'm very proud of citizens through many years that "make a stand" and "get involved", beyond election years " Bull crap" and revert to 'brain dead" after casting a vote, their only expected decision in four years politically. With the exception of Tom Tancredo, Congressman from Colorado, to a very few in this state elected to represent all, interests best served are for a foreign nation and illegal entries.

Speaking from a life's experience of decades on the borders, I've never seen such a large presence of Mexican troops on the line, drug wars of 1989 to the present. Bush-Fox politics.

We've had border shootouts, incursions , deaths, narcotics firefights, international incidents for decades. Again, common sense in 2005, why would the U.S. Government or Mexico be concerned with Arizona or citizens, armed or unarmed ? Law abiding people. On the other end of the scale, as an LEO, my partners and I have seen the worst of humanity, deaths to crime scenes which are not "What If " situations but are very real .A thousand Mexican Troops in Agua Prieta, ACLU reps, open borders special interest groups, political carpetbaggers are needed for the " threat of vigilant taxpayers, concerned citizens.

The thought that an American Citizen may carry a weapon on the border is "news, and press releases for Border Control is major headlines. The normal border crime, from bandits to arrested felons, murderers to child molesters are rarely mentioned, politically incorrect.

About the Author

The author, a daily reader and frequent contibutor to The Federal Observer has spent over 32 years defending this nation and was on duty Sept.11 at HQ Intelligence. After retirement in 2002, returning to his home in Arizona, the borders were over-run with illegals, death was an everyday occurrence, the Mexican Military was escorting narcotics shipments and shooting at our Border Patrol Agents. Park Ranger Kris Eggle was murdered in an international incident involving Mexican Hit men, narcotics smugglers at Lukville and politicians with the exception of Colorado Congressman Tancredo ignored the problem. The same situation existed with mainstream media. Even a load of illegal aliens whose vechicle was riddled with mexican military machine gun fire was not worthy of attention.

Like many people, he tried to contact elected officials on the problems, and recieved standard form replies in return. Finally, he had enough and wrote ILLEGAL ENTRIES which is now published and shows three decades on the Borders, and how politicians have created the problems in illegal immigration from 1972 to 2004. Like many of his partners, some who were killed enforcing immigration laws, Amnesty for lawbreakers is a "kick in the face" to our honored dead. As a longtime conservative, he will not vote or support any elected official whose interests are not for U.S. Citizens or lawfully admitted resident aliens.