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    America Rising! An Open Letter

    I just got this from a friend and it is just terrific (even though there are some stops and starts with the video). Here's what he says:

    I am hard pressed today to find any true American who still supports the Obama Administration and their "anti-America" agenda! The "ignored" majority must hold on to their firm commitment to vote out the far left Liberals who are ruining our country

    The most powerful 3 min I've seen- maybe there is "Hope"!
    I don't know who put this together but it is directly aimed at Obama voters.
    Awesome sound also. Don't know how much longer this may be around.

    PLEASE pass this on to your friends!!! ... 025329.php

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    That is a great video...come on November
    "When you have knowledge,you have a responsibility to do better"_ Paula Johnson

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    Great video. November 2, 2010. Make it count, folks. Make it count.
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    Here is the link directly on youtube so if you have a channel, you can pass on to friends.

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