By Woodrow Wilcox
Published: May 22, 2013 | 1 Comment

There are key differences between AMERICAN DEMOCRATS and FASCIST DEMOCRATS.
FASCIST DEMOCRATS are fascists who use democracy to take control of a country and then impose big government on the people. For example, Adolph Hitler and the “Nazis” were elected to power in Germany and then imposed dictatorial big government. Fascism is just another type of socialism. The official name of the “Nazis” was National Socialist German Workers Party.
Several of my relatives and friends, including my father, left the Democratic Party because they realized that FASCIST DEMOCRATS were taking over that party. My relatives were American Democrats as I am. What are the differences between AMERICAN DEMOCRATS and FASCIST DEMOCRATS? Here are a few.
An AMERICAN DEMOCRAT will say, “I may not like what you say, but I’ll defend your right to say it!” A FASCIST DEMOCRAT will say, “If you dare to disagree with me, I’ll mock you, discredit you, bankrupt you, jail you, or kill you!”
An AMERICAN DEMOCRAT respects our constitution and the constitutional rights of everyone. A FASCIST DEMOCRAT respects neither our constitution nor the constitutional rights of anyone.
An AMERICAN DEMOCRAT wants honest elections without bribes or voter fraud. A FASCIST DEMOCRAT has no problem with using bribes or voter fraud to win elections and gain power.
An AMERICAN DEMOCRAT wants elected representatives and the public to thoroughly examine proposed laws before a vote on those proposals is taken. A FASCIST DEMOCRAT makes back room deals with special interests, claims a crisis is at hand, and demands that elected representatives vote for a proposed law without even reading it or allowing the public to read it. In this way, the special deals made with special interests never get the public scrutiny that they deserve.
An AMERICAN DEMOCRAT respects the rights of the news media and the public to criticize government and bring public interest problems into the public view. A FASCIST DEMOCRAT wines and dines the news media or others while they criticize the political opponents of the FASCIST DEMOCRATS, but then turn against the news media and the public when the criticism and public scrutiny is aimed at FASCIST DEMOCRATS.
An AMERICAN DEMOCRAT wants all cases of abuse of government power to be investigated and punished no matter who was involved. A FASCIST DEMOCRAT will lie, discredit, distract, and slow any pursuit of truth when FASCIST DEMOCRATS abuse government power.
An AMERICAN DEMOCRAT tolerates different political views, different political parties, and different political spokesmen. A FASCIST DEMOCRAT mocks and discredits all opponents and tries to eliminate all competing political ideas, parties, and leaders. The goal of the FASCIST DEMOCRAT is to be the one and only political organization that people can use to get things done and to extract as much material wealth or favors as possible from those who want government permission to do something.
An AMERICAN DEMOCRAT wants every child in America to be well educated and equipped to be good, patriotic, and productive citizens in the future. A FASCIST DEMOCRAT wants every child in America to be poorly educated, never challenged to be their best, and never taught how to think critically so that the children become masses of unthinking citizens who never question their FASCIST DEMOCRAT leaders.
An AMERICAN DEMOCRAT looks ahead and plans in order to avoid a crisis. A FASCIST DEMOCRAT pursues reckless policies that will foment crisis in order to “push” for emergency government laws, regulations, and rules that give more power to government without the inconvenience of democratic scrutiny before enactment. Like Rahm Emanuel said when he was the Chief of Staff for President Obama, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”
I am an AMERICAN DEMOCRAT. Barack Obama and his ardent supporters are FASCIST DEMOCRATS. I call upon all other AMERICAN DEMOCRATS to join me in the fight to take back the Democratic Party. Let’s work together to force the FASCIST DEMOCRATS to leave the Democratic Party and start their own political party. The party that was founded by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison should not be led or run by FASCIST DEMOCRATS!