American Muslim indicted for wanting to join US military to kill soldiers

American Muslim indicted for wanting to join US military to kill soldiers. A US-born Muslim from Staten Island, New York, has just been indicted for lying to the FBI about his true intentions to join the US military and then start killing US soldiers. 21-year-old Abdel Hameed Shehadeh faces three terrorism-related charges that involve his plan to join the US military only so he could fight against US soldiers. According to the complaint, Shehadeh plotted to deploy with the US military to Iraq, but once there to desert the military and then fight alongside Islamic terrorists against the US. Shehadeh is also an operator of multiple, radical and violent Jihadist websites that promote terrorism against the west.

The indictments from a federal grand jury only came down late yesterday, and they relate mostly to Shehadeh’s lying about his terrorist motives.
Nonetheless, this is yet another case of a US-born Muslim—who you think should be…you know…assimilated and all that—rejecting his American nationality and choosing instead violent, Jihadist terrorism. The US Islamic community is always said to be better assimilated than the Islamic communities in other countries, and this is certainly true in that you don’t see many, for instance, of the kinds of violent Muslim protests in the US.

However, even the US Muslim community has its share of problems as not only Shehadeh’s arrest and indictment proves, but as the many, previous cases of American-born Muslims also prove. Just last month, there was the Oregon Christmas tree bomber, whom libertarians keep defending as being "set up" or "entrapped" into his terrorism inclination. Yeah, sure. Then, before that, there was the case of the Times Square Bomber, and while he wasn’t a US-born Muslim, he lived in the US for more than 12 years, more than enough time to assimilate. The fact that the US Muslim community is spawning these terrorists shows that they have problems, too.

A recent poll from only three years ago actually showed that up to 25% of young, US Muslims support suicide attacks in the "defense" of Islam. The same poll did find that about 80% of the US Muslim population is assimilated, but if even 20% to 25% of US Muslims are not, then that’s still a lot of Muslims within the US who may be a possible terrorist risk. Certainly, the arrest and the just-released charges against the Staten Island terrorist, Shehadeh, surely confirm that clear and present danger.

This Shehadeh terrorist grew up in New York, a very liberal and blue state that is a melting pot, which means that he should have been exposed to enough cultures and different backgrounds to moderate him. It’s not like he was living in a British slum or all-Islamic neighborhood where chances of him being radicalized are very high—yet this guy still became a terrorist. I think that simply shows that being a Muslim increases your chances of becoming a terrorist by…oh…let’s say a huge amount.

What’s equally disturbing is this Shehadeh fellow could only get eight years—eight years!!—if convicted! Let’s say he does his time and is let out with good behavior—after being radicalized in a federal prison some more because Islam is popular there—after a much shorter time. Then what? He goes back to terrorism, and then Americans have to die because his sentence was so short?