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    Craig Roberts
    June 22, 2005

    Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese military philosopher who is oft quoted in our military institutions, wrote “One who is not acquainted with the designs of his neighbors should not enter into alliances with them.�

    This quote surfaced in my consciousness as I walked the aisles of a new Dollar-type store yesterday, picking up items and turning them over to see where they were made. I counted 20 items, of which 19 were made in “China,� and one in Pakistan. As a WWII baby boomer who grew up during the 50s and 60s, I could not help but shudder in the fact that I was holding items that were made by an avowed enemy, one that along with the former Soviet Union, forced me and my classmates in elementary school and junior high school to practice “Duck and Cover� and quick response to air raid sirens. In those post-war days we had a Civil Defense organization, were encouraged to prepare for a nuclear strike, build fallout shelters, and be ready in case Russia, China, or even Castro came over the horizon. Those days have faded away, but living through the Cold War and the ever-present threat of “the bomb� will remain with us forever.

    Now there is no Civil Defense Corps, the fallout shelters are empty or used for storage, and we are told that the Soviet Union has collapsed, and the Red China is now our trading partner (and Taiwan never mentioned), and the only Barbarians at the Gate are North Korea and certain countries in the Middle East that support terrorist organizations.

    However, as a student of history, and a former intelligence analyst, I see another world growing up around us. One the media ignores, the politicians refuse to recognize, and one of which the American people remain ignorant. It is a world in which we are surrounded, being infiltrated, and readied for invasion.

    To understand what his happening today, one must understand certain military tenets of warfare. These include:

    Infiltrate the enemy country with advance forces and spies.

    Pre-position supplies close to the anticipated battleground.

    Destroy the enemy’s will to resist.

    Destroy the enemy population’s morals and morale.

    Sew confusion among the enemy population.

    Cut lines of communication.

    Create diversions.

    Control all information and media outlets.

    Attack on many fronts.

    Destroy the enemy’s capability to wage war.

    Reduce or destroy enemy’s military bases.

    Strike only when ready and when enemy is at his weakest.

    In the intelligence world, what we do is take pieces of information, like pieces of a puzzle, and “put them on the wall and see what picture develops.� Lord Wellington of Waterloo once said “I’ve spent my entire military career wondering what the chap on the other side of the hill was doing.� In intelligence circles, information gathering is chief among tasks, followed by “okay, what are they up to?�

    Let us examine some current “intelligence indicators� and see what picture forms.

    Over the last few decades, ever since Nixon went to China in 1972 to open trade relations, we have seen the Communist Chinese grow from a third-rate military force whose strength lay only in numbers to a very modern and well-equipped force ready to do battle on a global scale. Unlike Russia, the Chinese have done this very quietly, trying not to draw attention to their efforts, and with one goal in mind: destroy the United States and any allies. And we have helped them toward that goal. In fact, we continue to help them every day when we buy Chinese-made products. But beyond that, let’s examine events that have strengthened China’s military endeavors while weakening ours:

    Carter gave away the Panama Canal, and now China operates itâ€

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    SIXX--FABULOUS ARTICLE!! And I believe every word.

    I am so upset that I didn't remember about the Panama Canal. I'm not even sure I knew that!! What in the WORLD? Our people died building that canal. That is now TWO THINGS that Moron Carter did. He passed the stupid law giving Hispanics minority status because of their "spanish-speakingness" and gave the Panama Canal to China.

    SOMEONE should recall his Nobel Prize.

    Lord Have Mercy.

    I have suspected this....China coming in through Mexico. I thought it was for our food, but I learned from 2ndamendsis and another source that China does not need our food supply. They have locked it up in South America instead.

    A source told me that the plan for Americans under the One World Government that reduces Americans to poverty parity with Third World Countries whereby I knew that was the setting for my Crone/Drone to keep US busy, because they will need something for us to otherwise we would be bored, building Space Craft. That is what he said they plan to use US for!!

    This source is in China all the time.

    Now, another thing....remember when I posted about the Defense Department closing 29 bases in the United States and dramatically cutting 33 more. There was a little piece that I picked up around that same time that said they planned to use the empty bases to house female illegal dorm detention facilities. You know what I think they plan to do with those bases? Put US in them....people who fight this.

    I believe they have underestimated dramatically the number of people that will fight this. They are judging the apathy, complacency and materialism out of context. Americans work and spend. That's what we're supposed to do...when there's nothing else big going on. They think we are weak and will just fall in line and I'm going to quote "for an apartment, a cell phone, and a TV". I said, "are you out of your mind?"

    I was then told, "Judy, your little project to fight this has no's gone far beyond what you can do". "It's all back room high level closed door stuff. Already in play and it's unfortunate that we're going to have to live through it in our life time. I (meaning him) have fortunately secured a place for myself so I'll not be affected, but I do feel sorry for the other Americans".

    This was before I found ALIPAC.

    Aghast, I said, " are wrong". "You're little group of Globbies have made a huge error. You have made a tremendous mistake in your economic forgot about the Americans". "This will never fly in the United States. This is a pipe dream."

    This was in late March of 2005.

    Look what has happened since then....90 days.

    REAL ID.


    Property Rights Gone.

    China Buys IBM (American Technology).

    China Buys Bank of America (They think they bought part of China, but in reality China just bought Bank of America)

    Merger with Canada and Mexico in play now.

    China Buys UNOCAL - In Progress (American Oil and Gas Reserves)

    China Buys Maytag - In Progress (American Consumer Technology)

    CAFTA to be voted Tuesday.

    UN GLOBAL GOVERNANCE in September.

    FTAA by December 2005.

    Richard Nixon sent George Bush One to Open China.

    George Bush One Opens China.

    Clinton Gives China "Most Favored Nation Status"

    George Bush Two Gives China United States of America.

    Yep....China Plans to Rule the United Nations.

    Only one People can stop that and that is the Americans.

    WE've got them all nervous, because they thought they'd be abit farther along before we found out. That's given Bush that "wild look" I see in him now that I didn't see during the campaign. He is no longer sure he can deliver that deal and the pressure is on him. In otherwords, he's "overwhelmed". He didn't get his stupid social security plan and wasted all his time on that. He was a big social hit on his world tour, but so what, they can all read the papers and more importantly, the Internet, that Gig is Up. They know he can't deliver on Foxey's even dumped him and scuttled off to Russia to pew with Putin, cause Foxey wants to "deal with people that can make deals and execute them".

    Their House of Cards is tumbing down.

    So....Tuesday will be a Big Day!!

    Yes, indeedy. That will show the world whether or not WE control the United States through our Government or whether WE will have to hit the streets and Take it Back Manually.


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