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Thread: Americans, Start Your Engines

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    Americans, Start Your Engines

    Americans, Start Your Engines…

    Posted on November 21, 2016 by sundance

    There is a massive economic surge making noise just on the other side of the horizon; best understood within the following dichotomy:

    ♦ Manufacturing automation reduces the need for human capital.

    ♦ The outsourcing of U.S. manufacturing is due to lower labor costs overseas.

    The inability to square that modern ideological and economic circle lies at the heart of a new economic paradigm, a second American economic revolution.

    When W Edwards Demming exported his post world war II industrial manufacturing management skill to Japan, the key export was not technological – it was psychological.

    There is something very unique to the American labor market that does not exist within global competitors; the ability to innovate, to think outside the box.

    Within the culture of Americanism lies a very specific DNA strain that is non-conformational, or anti-status-quo. It’s an immeasurable and unquantifiable factor in the success of American economic exceptionalism. No other nation has found a way to duplicate it; the closest anti-establishment cultural sensibility is Australia.

    What has been missing for the past three decades has been a very specific set of economic policies that takes advantage of the independent nature of the American Enterprise system. President Donald Trump represents the first main street policy-maker with the ammunition to unleash this potential.

    Last year the era of U.S. financial naysayers was at an all time high. However, in almost stunning speed Wall Street is now setting the baseline for forecasted U.S. economic growth at 4.5 percent, with many voices now saying 6 to 8 percent is entirely possible.

    How and why is this instantaneous reversal of opinion even possible?

    Quite simply, because vision inspires, and within inspiration a visionary triggers the innovative DNA synapses. When the economic status-quo PERT box is shattered, problems become opportunities.

    The greatest moments are not actually captured in hindsight, they are actually captured when you recognize that you are participating in history. We are in that place right now; we are on the cusp, and many are awakening to this recognition.

    A new era of economic principles is being created in front of our eyes. Traditionally, there has always been Macro and Micro economic principles, however a new multidimensional principle is about to unfold. Manufacturing innovation and manufacturing automation can drive an entirely new, best in the world, production capability curve.

    Three decades of service driven economic theory is about to be turned on its head. Right now there’s a group of very insightful entrepreneurs and capitalists who are looking at those uniquely American advantages, taking stock, and reapplying a new outlook toward what is possible.

    Watch the economic growth projection within the next OMB budget evaluation.

    Remember, when Donald Trump proposed his 2015 economic and tax platform? Every pundit with a microphone said Trump’s projected four percent growth was a pipe-dream. Now, amid many influential circles, there’s actually white paper discussion looking beyond that original Trump proposal and stating that six percent, seven percent and even higher economic expansion is entirely possible, if not – predictable.

    Get ready….. but don’t get so busy that you forget to look around while this is happening. We are living inside history, and the journey is infinitely more fun than the destination.

    America, we deserve this…

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    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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    YES!! YES!! YES!! The Truth Will Set US Free to soar and win again!! Trump understands this because he is the epitome of the American Dream. Yes, protected trade creates jobs, income and wealth for the American People. Yes, secure borders and population free of illegal aliens and excess immigrants creates jobs, income and wealth for the American People. All of The Americans know this, have always known it, and will now fight for it. We've taken the first step which is to elect one of US, a man who not only understands this but who has the extraordinary experience, skills, and loyalty to the American People to fix this disaster. But we all have to do our part, too, and I know we will!!


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    With the likelihood of the US dollar moving higher---and eventually much higher---this in itself creates a demand for US economic assets.

    I still say the dire state of US building stock may actually dampen quite a lot of the practical effects of economic recovery in the hardest hit areas. I was shocked in the only traveling I have done even CLOSE to the Appalachia area (Harrisburg PA) at how impoverished some of the areas were. And I've seen similar things in Milwaukie and Minnesota---and I know from looking at lots of real estate listings how bad it is in Indiana,Ohio, WV, Missouri, etc. I think they will have to make decisions as to whether to repair the dilapidated housing and building stock----or just flat out demolish it and build new.

    The good thing is that the contemporary concept of habitation has become a lot more simplified. Gone are the vernacular McMansion style homes---that were intrinsically labor intensive and thus a magnet for illegal labor. The new trend is very simple to build---And in fact if the codes were adjusted to allow things that would fit in with the modern concept, would be incredibly simple to put up and should be virtually maintenance free. This would give hopeless inner city people a new lease on life.

    Gosh, I'm feeling like it is 1960, all over again.
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