Amnesty Alert, Beware House Sell Out On Amnesty, Cantor Caving

Posted by: Rick Wells Posted date: September 14, 2013 In: Blog Posts, News

Seeing is believing, and with the House of Representatives itís a good idea to keep both eyes focused intently on what they are up to.

The den of snakes commonly referred to as the U.S. Senate has already sold the American middle class down the Rio Grande with a yes vote on amnesty. Now, the last hope for the survival of the average Joe in America, the House of Representatives is starting to publicly show signs of vacillation. With politicians, the masters of deceptions, it is always better to follow their actions and ignore their sweet words.

Eric Cantor (R-VA), the Majority Leader in the House, hasn't given up on the class killing idea of giving our birthrights and livelihoods away to anybody who can swim, run, hide, and evade their way onto American soil.

In Cantors perverse world, if you want it bad enough to steal for it, you must deserve it. Citizenship and membership to the exclusive club called America is now thrown open to all kinds of rabble that are willing to break the law to get it.

Rep. Cantor is signaling his intentions to cancel a congressional recess at the end of September. He claims it is in order to provide calendar space for fiscal issues. Okay, that seems like a responsible decision. If there is a legitimate need to provide time for fiscal concerns, who could be against that? That is exactly the kind of cover that Cantor needs.

He can schedule time in the name of another purpose with no intention to actually use the time in that manner. Once the schedule is changed, it is a simple matter to take up the amnesty bill upon any pretext that presents itself, genuine or fabricated.

The Hill reports that Rep. Tom Cole, (R-Okla.) a close ally of Cantor, predicted the House will cancel its week-long recess it has scheduled for late September to tackle immigration.

Officials on both sides of the issue recognize that in order to jam this poison legislation down the throats of a resistant population, the push cannot come during an election year. The cowardly representatives fear the loss of their positions if the short term memory of being sold out is still hanging in the air at election time in 2014.

We can expect a hard push between now and October by the anti-American forces within the House. Our one hope is to use their cowardliness to our advantage. If they are exposed and made to fear for their reelection possibilities, they will be forced to vote no. Not for the sake of representing their constituents and the American people, but in yet another selfish act, to preserve their positions of power. Every once in a while, it is good to have frightened rats in the House.

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