Published: 4 hours ago
Tom Tancredo
World Net Daily

Exclusive: Tom Tancredo says Obama will apply selective enforcement to any deal

There is one glaring difference between the current congressional debate on amnesty for illegal aliens and the debates of the past decade: not a single Republican anywhere trusts the president of the United States to actually implement and enforce any new immigration law approved by Congress.

So, you may ask, why is the House Republican leadership intent on doing it anyway? The answer is, they know it’s a charade and a fraud and they don’t care.

The really bad news is that this cynicism and transparent betrayal of Republican principles on immigration reform is only the latest sign of moral and political bankruptcy of the Republican establishment.

There is a good case for genuine immigration reform, but no one in the House Republican leadership is talking about genuine reform. The nation does need changes in our immigration system, but a bill aimed at amnesty as its foremost objective is not immigration reform.

We should be bringing an end to something called “birthright citizenship,” whereby a child born to a visiting tourist, foreign student, guest worker or illegal alien is automatically granted citizenship.

We should be taking steps to achieve meaningful border security by implementing the Secure Fence Act of 2006 and other improvements.

We should be making mandatory for all employers the proven E-Verify system to reserve jobs for citizens and lawful immigrants.

Congress should be making a renewed commitment to require actual enforcement of immigration laws as written and enacted by Congress and ending Obama’s unconstitutional government by administrative edict.

But the Republican leadership in Congress prefers instead to play the Amnesty Game with a rulebook written by Barack Obama, Harry Reid and the National Council of La Raza. Any while playing this game, they ask that all Republicans play along with them. But will they?

Most Republicans understand that Barack Obama will enforce only those parts of a new immigration law that he likes and will ignore the rest. The amnesty part will be implemented immediately, while any border security provisions will die the death of administrative neglect and sabotage.

Most Republicans understand this, and indeed, most Americans understand it. Why Speaker Boehner and his coconspirators at RNC think they can sell this transparent hoax as a “great bipartisan accomplishment” is a mystery.

This bipartisan amnesty ambush is particularly insulting to grass-roots Republicans in the wake of the universal condemnation of Obama’s abuse of authority in making unilateral changes in the implementation of Obamacare.

Why should anyone believe the Democrats will shrink from using the same administrative tricks to interpret and rewrite an immigration bill? Yet, that is what Boehner and Company want Republicans to believe.

The dark irony in all of this is that at the end of the day, after the dust settles in November of 2014, Speaker Boehner and the RNC leadership pushing the Republican Party into the amnesty ambush will have nothing to show for their labors on behalf of a predictably dishonest “immigration compromise.” An amnesty deal will not “put the immigration issue behind us.” Because none of the real immigration problems crying out for remedies was addressed in the rush to amnesty, the new law will only guarantees we will need a new amnesty plan every 10 years.

If the Reid-Boehner amnesty ambush is successful, the only thing that will be different in American politics is that there will be a wave of several million new Democrat voters enrolling over the next two decades. All the media talking points and focus group transcripts will not help the Republican leadership wash away the stain of a historic betrayal.