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    Amnesty Leaders Blast NumbersUSA's Urging of Less For. Wkrs.

    There are a number of links contained within Mr. Beck's Blog. Please go to the source to access them: ... -numbersus

    524,000 More Americans Lose Jobs in DEC ...... Amnesty Leaders Blast NumbersUSA For Urging Fewer Foreign Workers

    By Roy Beck, Friday, January 9, 2009, 11:09 AM

    You can tell who cares about America's workers by their response to the devastating news that another 524,000 Americans lost their jobs in December.

    According to many of the national pro-amnesty leaders, the most important response to all those unemployed Americans is to make sure that 7 million U.S. jobs are never available to Americans.

    Huh? you might say. Well, that is what they said in a conference call with journalists yesterday. The amnesty leaders said the most important immigration action to help the economy is to give permanent work permits to the 7 million estimated illegal aliens currently with U.S. jobs. Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles and leaders of the National Council of La Raza, of service employees unions and of open-borders coalitions explained that until illegal aliens have full rights in this country, all American workers will have a hard time improving their lot.


    According to the amnesty leaders, NumbersUSA is engaged in ugly, divisive politics by suggesting that this is not a good time to be filling U.S. jobs with foreign workers -- especially illegal ones.

    Click here to listen to amnesty leaders.

    You can read here my letter to President-Elect Obama asking for a suspension of most foreign-labor importation. The nation's newspapers and radio shows are beginning to report our "suspension" call.

    And here is my blog about our "suspension" call.

    Be sure you have notified Mr. Obama and your Members of Congress of your opinions on this subject by sending free faxes.

    I find it interesting that advocating for unemployed Hispanic, Asian, Indian, Black and White Americans instead of hiring more foreign workers is considered "divisive" by the amnesty champs.

    In the end, of course, the pro-amnesty champions never want to deal with numbers. In fact, their contention is that numbers like the following are not related:

    The US Labour Department has announced that the U.S. economy lost 2.589 million jobs in 2008.

    Job losses in 2008 were the worst since 1945.

    More than 11 million Americans are looking for a job and can't find one. (Millions more have been involuntarily forced into part-time work.)

    7 million illegal aliens are estimated to still be holding U.S. jobs.

    Our immigration system is bringing into the country 138,000 new foreign workers each month -- legally.

    NumbersUSA's response is that the government should help unemployed Americans by moving as many of the 7 million illegal aliens out of their jobs as possible -- and by reduce the 138,000 monthly foreign workers as close to zero as possible.

    The pro-amnesty leaders said NumbersUSA's proposal is a 19th century argument that has been proven wrong for a hundred years.

    As I said, numbers are never considered legitimate facts with the open-borders crowd -- nor history.

    With their logic, why don't we bring in a million foreign workers a month, since that apparently would have no impact on American workers? I'm not sure what history these folks read. You'll notice that FDR did not increase immigration during the Depression -- or legalize illegal aliens. Instead, net immigration actually fell below zero many years while FDR conducted mass roundups and deportations of illegal workers.


    John Wilhelm is president of Unite Here's hospitality-industry division of union workers and was one of the major speakers in the pro-amnesty meeting.

    Workers in his industry are under incredible threat from the economy.

    The Labor Department announced today that America's service industry lost another 273,000 jobs in December.

    A reasonable person has to ask whose side union leader Wilhelm is on. Every one of the Americans who lost service jobs last month could likely get a service job back next month, if E-Verify were imposed on more businesses. But Wilhelm not only questions using E-Verify but says those illegal-alien held jobs must not be turned over to American workers -- that the illegal aliens must be given an amnesty to keep U.S. jobs for life.

    Why would that happen? Mainly because some unions have become so dependent on foreign workers for their membership dues growth that the union's interests and the interests of the American workers truly diverge.

    Meanwhile, NumbersUSA will continue to be a noisy, and hopefully effective voice, for the interests of the American worker -- as we have been since we started in 1996.

    ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA

    For background news articles, see:

    (these should be in reverse order for times of posting)
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    In other words.....let the Americans starve to save others. Don't fix the problem, just switch the victims.
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    The opposition doesn't care about numbers? They sure do when their "constituents" are paid less than minimum wage (or not at all).
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    More than 11 million Americans are looking for a job and can't find one. (Millions more have been involuntarily forced into part-time work.)

    We need to get as many of these people on our side ASAP.
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