Another Hillary-Bot Malfunction?

August 7, 2016
Dianny 0

Oh, dear. Do we have another Hillary-Bot malfunction on our hands? Or did the former Miss Rodham drink too many bottles of Grey Goose yesterday?

The six-hundred and ninety-year-old Dowager Duchess of Chappaqua can’t seem to haul her sorry carcass up a those steps without being hoisted up them by Secret Service.

Either she’s short-circuiting again, or she couldn’t pass a field sobriety test.

Red Louisiana News @redlanews

Hillary Clinton really need Kaine apparently. Can't handle stairs herself. #ClintonKaine #ImWithHer
7:02 PM - 6 Aug 2016

I mean, look at that picture. They’re not just gently guiding her by the elbow. Those guys are practically lifting her up the steps.

If this old hag can’t negotiate a set of perfectly dry steps, do you really think she’s capable of negotiating with foreign countries?

No wonder she doesn’t drive anymore.

I’m telling you. There is something seriously wrong with this woman.