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    anyone in here know how to program php?

    I have an idea for a project i think will Help us with the Cause but i need someone who knows how to program back end so i can get the page up.
    if anyone knows about this let me know.

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    You don't need to know how to program php to get a page up and running. Go to or any of the free blog sites and pick a generic template to start your page. It's really not very hard, believe me.
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    i have a blog that is not what i need.
    what i need is a page that lets me
    add a name
    and if you select that name it allows you to provide your info.
    once a pre set number of people subscribe it triggers a mass e-mail.
    to everyone on the list.

    it is going to require some programing.

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    You really don't need to be asking here....

    Google is your friend...

    Many sites out there specialize in C, C++, Java and PHP codes snipets for free. Do a search.

    Also, the actually source has their manual online with actually PHPers giving snippets and samples in the comments section for each PHP function.


    Learn by doing my friend...

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    I am a computer Idiot!!! sorry

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