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Drug trafficking, gangs, it's getting ugly out there, and this sherriff has the real story..

This Arizona Sheriff’s Interview Paints A Bleak Picture Of The Chaos At The Border

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In a scene that’s becoming more and more familiar, hundreds of people gathered to either protest or support the arrival of 40 to 60 illegal unaccompanied minors to Sycamore Canyon Academy in the Catalina Mountains.
Western Journalism reports that a press release had been circulated over the weekend indicating that the children would be arriving in Pinal County. As hundreds waited, it became apparent that the bus was not coming.
Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County, AZ, was interviewed regarding the planned move, and on how the influx of illegal immigrants has been affecting his department.
From a public safety perspective, there has been documented reports – I don’t know how many of the 60,000 – have been confirmed members of gangs in Central America, including MS-13.

That’s a concern of mine. Because my deputies have to respond to emergencies here in Oracle. And we have enough problems here in Arizona dealing with the drug cartels, that are bringing their drugs through Pinal County and the human smugglers.

And we don’t need additional problems, or certainly, unaccompanied juveniles to be flown in here from Texas.
When asked what kind of assistance he’s gotten from the federal government, he says all his calls, emails, and faxes have gone unanswered. He said there has been a lot of confusion.
“Who’s running this operation? … This is where I am not only upset, I’m insulted by the lack of cooperation by the Federal Government.”
Unfortunately, the experience this sheriff has had is likely common along the border. The Administration’s lack of action is putting our police force, border security force, and citizens at risk.