Attorney General Holder Tells Rep Issa His Conduct Is “Unacceptable And Shameful” (VIDEO)

MAY 15, 2013 4:46 PM 0 COMMENTS VIEWS: 54

The hubris of everyone involved in the Obama administration is utterly amazing, especially that of Attorney general Eric Holder.

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing today, Rep. Darrell Issa was questioning Attorney General Holder over whether his office plans to turn over potential evidence of alleged violations of the Federal Records Act by President Obama‘s new Labor Secretary nominee, former Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez. The resultant exchange was a terse one to say the least as Holder arrogantly called Issa’s behavior “shameful and unacceptable.”

Sounding very irritated, Holder said:

“No, no, that’s what you typically do. No, I’m not going to stop talking now. You characterized as something those [inaudible] of the people in the Justice Department. That is inappropriate and is too consistent with the way in which you conduct yourself as a member of Congress.”

As Obama and company get even more questions in regards to their upcoming scandals, you can bet you will see more of this kind of contemptuous behavior on the part of Obama's cabinet and supporters. This kind of behavior on the part of Holder is nearly in contempt of Congress as Issa asked the committee chairman to “inform the witness as to the rules of this committee.”

Apparently Holder doesn't get it that he is the one that is being asked questions and he is the one that needs to answer them without his conceited, 'I'm to good to answer your questions because I'm part of the President's cabinet' attitude.

Watch the tense exchange below: