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    Audio: Alex Jones, Glenn Spencer, Dan Stein on Barnett Trial

    Roger Barnett (center) courageously stood up to the Open Borders
    Lobby in a landmark trial

    Mad About Illegal Border Crossings…And Roger Barnett’s Plight!
    By Zanne Booker

    Apparently America has moved on and Roger Barnett is no longer newsworthy. He only had to pay $70,000 instead of the earlier $32 million stated in his lawsuit. Well, snap out of it America! When a 64 year old senior citizen has to round up 12,000 illegal aliens in ten years time…there is something seriously wrong here. Do the math people. THAT EQUATES TO 100 PER MONTH! He lives just 233 miles from Phoenix, Arizona (ranked second in the world for kidnapping reports filed) and has shown great restraint not using the gun he greets them with, holding them until the U.S. Border Patrol can take custody of them. I guess the twisted court system has me fired up more than anything else. They are concerned about the rights of the illegals who come across our borders. It doesn’t matter that the 12,000 plus have destroyed fences, stole vehicles, killed livestock, and broke into his home! I feel that Roger Barnett could make a strong case against the Federal government of the United States and their negligence to defend him when he was being attacked by members of a foreign nation and they were failing to “provide for the common defense and general welfare of the U.S.

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    The Federal governments two main jobs are
    Retain a standing army
    Make sure our borders are 'secure'.
    He has one heck of a case against the Govt.
    Have him employ a German or British lawyer so they won't be 'tainted' by the govt.

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    If anyone has run across a decent write up on the Roger Barnett debacle from our side of the debate please post it, I really had to beat the bushes to find anything on this one -

    Thanks go to Alex, Glenn, Dan and Mike Hethmon for the sound file explaning this outrage.

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