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    Ballot Stuffing (Non-Citizen Voters?)

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    It would be nice if we enforced our laws so we didn't have worry about losing the value or importance of our elections to illegal aliens. But, that won't happen for at least 2 more years, and after the 2016 elections, despite numerous efforts to do otherwise in the meantime.

    So, the most important step Americans can take to help stall the eventual inevitable if we don't stop this travesty, is get out the citizen vote, and have the biggest % of American Citizen Voters this nation has ever seen in its history. We need historical turn-out in 2016. We need informed voters, uniting behind the Number One Issue of the 2016 elections, to stop illegal immigration, deport illegal aliens, and reduce or stop legal immigration until such time as we actually need imported workers from selective fields and can verify that need in black and white to the extent that it's absolutely totally true and undisputed by anyone. That doesn't mean the 5% phony full employment either with 20 million American workers underemployed or who dropped out due to lack of jobs for them. It means 1% unemployment and less than 4% poverty rates. And all these people who claim "there will always be poor people because the Bible says so", are wrong. The only reason people in our country are poor is because there weren't enough jobs for all the people in our nation or they're full-time workers being cheated by their employers with poverty level wages. Lets fix this, my dear Americans, because fixing this problem is definitely a job we all can do.

    Make 2016 the Year Americans Took Their Country Back.
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