Dancing Barashiva

Red Square
9/15/2013, 7:33 pm

Barashiva as Lord of Dance

This symbol combines Barashiva's roles as creator, preserver, and destroyer of life as we know it. The flaming wheel represents the never-ending circle of progress dotted with violence and destruction. Multiple hands serve to point in various directions, one of which is always correct after the fact.

Barashiva holds in his upper right hand the megaphone of community organizer. His upper left hand holds the fire of the revolution that will destroy capitalism. With his front left hand, he collects taxes and political contributions. His lower right hand signifies the rejection of America's founding principles. His raised left foot imitates Barashiva's favorite golf move. The dwarflike figure being trampled underfoot represents a small business owner who bitterly clings to the old ways.

His devotees believe that through the worship of Barashiva, they can achieve collective salvation.

Not to be confused with Dancing Shiva.