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    Re: Bennett: GOP might pass own version of DREAM Act next ye

    Quote Originally Posted by Shapka
    "Now, I know a lot of my colleagues are not happy to vote for it, and I don't think the votes ... are there to pass it in this Congress," Bennett said in his final conference call with Utah reporters. "And as I've talked, particularly to my Republican friends, I've said we really need to do this. Their reaction has been to me, privately, 'You're right. We do really need to do it.'"


    A traitor who serves as the puppet of the enemy occupying his or her country.

    Republicans who voted for the Dream Act ... rasc-.html

    ALIPAC's Targeted 31 Senators Up for Reelection in 2012 ... rasc-.html

    The amnesty program that tried and failed
    Oct 8, 2006 ... The 1986 amnesty legislation also showed that even strictly monitoring work sites and the border is doomed to failure without addressing the ... ... intro.html

    If the 1986 Amnesty was such a gross failure, why would anyone try ...
    Mar 29, 2010 ... 80 % of the citizens do not want another amnesty they want these people deported immediately. in 1986 there where promises made and none of them ... ... 921AAo3jMx

    Reagan's Attorney General, Ed Meese, Says Amnesty Then And Now A ...
    Ed Meese, the attorney general under President Ronald Reagan, supported the 1986 amnesty that was passed. Now he says things today look similar and the amnesty that he supported in 1986 was a mistake and utter failure.
    We're doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past again. Meese compares the bill from '86 to the bill that is in the Senate that is expected to pass today. ... ref=slogin

    FAIR: Chief Overseer of 1986 Amnesty Says Don't Repeat a Failed Policy
    Apr 6, 2006 ... Rather than stemming the tide of illegal immigration, the 1986 amnesty and subsequent extension amnesties, coupled with a manifest failure ...

    Measuring the Fallout (Cost of the 1986 amnesty after ten years)
    I fault all administrations from Reagan on for this failure. ... but the 1986 amnesty was a mistake we should learn from and not repeat. ...

    The 1986 amnesty failed spectaculary, why repeat the mistake ...
    Aug 30, 2005 ... Georgie Anne Geyer discusses the 1986 amnesty, that was supposed to ..... What failure? How are we suffering? The strongest nation on earth. ...

    The Reagan Amnesty Vs. The Bush Amnesty - Right Wing News ...
    Jun 19, 2007 ... #1) In 1986, they didn't have the complete and utter failure of the 1986 amnesty to use as a guide. In other words, the idea of an amnesty ... ... e_bush.php

    1986 Redux: Proposed Senate Immigration Reform Repeats Past ...
    May 30, 2007 ... The 1986 bill granted amnesty, then tried to enforce the law, ... -Senate-Immigration-Reform-Repeats-Past-Failure? ... st-failure

    American Chronicle | 97% of Illegal Aliens Take Jobs That ...
    Apr 7, 2006 ... On light of the utter failure of America 's last attempt at granting amnesty, IRCA of 1986, there must not be any talk of Guest Worker ...

    Get the two-page Truth Sheet. - AMNESTY HANDOUT
    Impact of Amnesty: In analyzing the 2007 CIR bill, Robert Rector of The Heritage
    Foundation stated, “The main fiscal impact… will occur through two mechanisms:

    (1) the grant of amnesty, with accompanying access to Social Security, Medicare and
    welfare benefits, to 12 million illegal immigrants who are overwhelmingly low skilled;

    (2) a dramatic increase in chain immigration, which will also be predominantly low
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