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    Berkeley Student Protesters Sabotage College Republicans Event

    8 Sep 2016

    Student protesters sabotaged a Berkeley College Republicans tabling event by attempting to steal and destroy a life-size cardboard cutout of Donald Trump that the group had purchased to display at club outings.

    The club’s president, Jose Diaz, detailed the events that took place during an ordinary tabling event for the Berkeley College Republicans. “A group of protesters with a megaphone confronted our table and proceeded to snatch and attempt to rip up our Donald Trump cut-out,” Diaz said.

    According to Diaz’s account, he “jumped up and grabbed the hands of a protester to prevent him from [taking the Trump cut out].” He went on to claim that “the group of protestors then circled us and began yelling slurs at us in reference to Donald Trump.”

    “Slurs such as racists, bigots, and ‘pieces of sh**’ was yelled out by the protestors,” Diaz added. “They demanded that the cut-out be removed due to the perceived offensive nature that it represents towards them. At the same time of this confrontation, one of our members attempting to film the incident was physically harassed by one of the protestors and had his phone taken.”

    A short video which was posted online shows one protester shoving a student who was filming the event.

    Yesterday, CNN did a short segment about the social ramifications that come as a result of publicly endorsing Trump as a UC Berkeley student.

    (video within tweet)
    OutFrontCNN ✔ @OutFrontCNN
    #Trump supporters, scorned...on a college campus synonymous w political free speech. @KyungLahCNN at @UCBerkeley ->
    5:15 PM - 7 Sep 2016
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    Well, gee, I think I will "scorn" them back!!

    GO HOME!! You are not wanted here. We know who you are, why you're disrupting our political process, and what you want. Well, guess what??!! We're going to elect Donald Trump our next President and you're going back to wherever you came from.
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