Biden’s federal border patrol agents sabotage Texas Gov. Abbott’s efforts to keep illegal migrants out

07/21/2023 // Laura Harris // 3.3K Views

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A remote pecan farm in Eagle Pass, Texas has become the focal point of the ongoing immigration policy debate, showcasing the dysfunctional nature of America's approach to immigration.
The sprawling ranch, owned by Hugo and Magaly Urbina, lies on the banks of the Rio Grande and has become a battleground between the federal Border Patrol agents of President Joe Biden and the Department of Public Safety (DPS) of Texas Governor Greg Abbott.
According to the Daily Mail, Border Patrol agents process illegal migrants in a white tent on the farm before transporting them to a nearby facility. From there, migrants are typically released into the U.S. to wait for legal hearings on their asylum claims. However, just outside the fence of the farm, Texas DPS authorities stand guard.
Sgt. Rene Cordova of the DPS Highway Patrol said: "It seems that [U.S. Border Patrol is] letting [migrants] in, and we're doing our part in order to keep them out." Cordova showed the fortifications that the DPS has constructed to prevent migrants from crossing into the Urbinas' farm. However, the Border Patrol tore down a section of the chain-link fence.
Meanwhile, the Urbinas, who leased a long stretch of their riverfront to the Border Patrol at the expense of the U.S. taxpayers, constructed a walkway ramp to make the steep river bank more accessible. (Related: USBP agents report 743% increase in illegal migrants trying to cross northern border.)
In response, Abbott sent state troopers to occupy their land on the grounds of alleged criminal activity. Texas DPS bulldozed the river ramp, installed rows of barbed wire, chained and sealed off gates and posted a sign threatening fines, stating: "You cannot pass here."

Battle at the border: Texas vs. the federal government

The pecan farm in Eagle Pass is a microcosm of the larger conflict playing out along the Rio Grande, highlighting the contradictory policies at the state and federal levels.
Armed with a $10 billion budget, Abbott deployed Texas state police, national guard troops and a range of security measures, including makeshift walls and barbed wire fences along the borders. The governor also ordered the installation of a marine barrier with spinning buoys and a submerged net in the river to impede swimmers attempting to cross the Rio Grande.
The state forces occupy gravel river islands, where they thin the vegetation and plant the Texas state flag. Texas has also stationed camouflaged National Guard personnel and DPS officers along the way in the riverbank. Boats, helicopters, drones and police from other states like Florida have been invited to bolster the military-like presence.
In 2022, the Biden administration reportedly proposed opening the country's northern border with Canada and the southern border with Mexico. The news first came to light through an announcement by Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who revealed that U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken had presented the proposal. (Related: Biden administration proposes permanently opening all borders between US, Mexico and Canada.)
This proposal has not been received favorably by many level-headed Americans, especially considering the ongoing concerns surrounding the unsecured southern border. The porous nature of the border has already allowed migrants, and potential criminals disguising themselves among them, to enter the United States.
The consequences of this clash between Texas and the federal government are evident along the border. Long lines of aspiring illegal immigrants now traverse thousands of yards of razor wire while others attempt to cross the river, seeking a gap in the Texas defenses or assistance from sympathetic Border Patrol agents.
Despite Texas' efforts, the Border Patrol often finds ways to circumvent the obstacles. In some instances, groups of immigrants traverse thousands of yards to a point beyond the barbed wire and patrols, where Border Patrol vehicles await them. Once these individuals are in Border Patrol custody, the Texas state troopers and DPS officers can do little to intervene.
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Biden’s federal border patrol agents sabotage Texas Gov. Abbott’s efforts to keep illegal migrants out –