Biden Asks Congress to Make You Pay for Welfare for Afghan Refugees

by Collin Rugg about 21 hours ago updated about 20 hours ago

President Joe Biden wants you, the American taxpayer, to pay for his failure in Afghanistan as tens of thousands of Afghan refugees are flowing into the United States.
According to a new report, the Biden administration is asking congress to give welfare benefits to the refugees meaning you will be the one footing the bill through your taxes.
The Daily Wire reports:

The U.S. working with allied countries and private organizations oversaw the evacuation of more than 120,000 people out of Afghanistan in August. The vast majority of those were Afghans fleeing the Taliban, and roughly 65,000 of those Afghans were taken in by the U.S. and transported to U.S. military bases around the world, including in the United States.
Last week, the White House asked Congress to allocate $6.4 billion to help Afghan refugees resettle in the U.S., according to the New York Post. Part of the funds would go toward providing welfare benefits and legal identification to each migrant processed and paroled into the United States between July 30 and September 30 this year.

The United States pledged to take in tens of thousands of Afghan allies who worked with the U.S. military over its two-decade presence in Afghanistan. At this point, it remains unclear how many of those people are included in the thousands of Afghan evacuees. The final weeks of the evacuation were defined by chaos and poor planning, and the U.S. almost certainly evacuated many Afghans who had no official ties to any Western country.
The rushed evacuation has caused a series of problems at U.S. bases as State Department officials attempt to process and vet the tens of thousands of Afghan migrants. Fort McCoy in Wisconsin, one of the bases processing migrants, was at risk of a measles outbreak last week after an Afghan migrant tested positive for the disease.
President Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan has been such a disaster that even former President Barack Obama’s former Acting CIA Director, Michael Morell is speaking out against him.
During an interview with CBS News, Morell said that Biden’s catastrophic actions in Afghanistan have “inspired jihadists” throughout the world, adding that the Taliban is already teaming up with al-Qaeda.
The comments from Morell came during an interview when he was responding to the news that the current head of al-Qaeda Ayman al-Zawahiri released a video on the 20th anniversary of 9/11.
CBS News host Margaret Brennan asked Morell if al-Zawahiri was living in Afghanistan.
“We think so, which means that the Taliban is harboring Zawahiri today,” Morell said. “The Taliban is harboring al-Qaeda today. And I think that’s a very important point.”

Morell went on to criticize President Biden for his disastrous withdrawal of Afghanistan, noting that al-Qaeda can easily “bounce back” within the next year considering Afghanistan is now a safe haven for them.

Biden Asks Congress to Make You Pay for Welfare for Afghan Refugees (