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Thread: Biden WH Laments It Will Miss New Goal of 62,500 Refugees in 2021

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    Biden WH Laments It Will Miss New Goal of 62,500 Refugees in 2021

    Biden WH Laments It Will Miss New Goal of 62,500 Refugees in 2021

    by EDWIN MORA 10 May 2021

    The White House does not expect to keep its new goal of raising the 2021 refugee inflow to 62,500, up from 15,000, according to press reports.

    The Hill recently reported President Joe Biden’s refugee policy reversal came with “an unexpected caveat: The administration doesn’t expect to meet its own goal,” adding:

    The warning came alongside President Biden’s announcement on Monday that the U.S. would lift its refugee cap to 62,500 this fiscal year, with the aim of processing 125,000 by the end of next year — a goal that, if fulfilled, would mark a significant turnaround for a program that was cut to a historic low of 15,000 refugees a year under the Trump administration.

    Fiscal years start on October 1 of the previous year. This means fiscal year 2021 is underway and will end on September 30, triggering the beginning of fiscal 2022 the following day.

    In April, Biden blamed the ongoing border crisis for his decision to keep the refugee admissions at 15,000. Republicans believe the new administration helped create the crisis by undoing the former president’s border policies.

    “The problem was that the refugee part was working on the crisis that ended up on the border with young people, and we couldn’t do two things at once. And now we’re going to increase the numbers,” Biden told reporters on April 17.

    “That infuriated advocates who were elated by Biden’s earlier pledge to dramatically increase the cap — a move they argued would help restore U.S. leadership as a nation capable of absorbing and welcoming refugees,” the Hill noted.

    Neil Munro

    Coronavirus pushed poor foreign migrants out of jobs & out of big cities. So NYC, LA need replacement migrants to avert the unimaginable -- recruiting & hiring from Americans' national labor market, at higher wages. Biden & Mayorkas jump into action:

    Joe Biden Imports Replacement Migrants as Current Migrants Go Homeless
    President Biden's deputies are spending $3 billion to get poor migrants into U.S. cities, while advocates say illegal migrants are homeless.

    2:51 PM · May 8, 2021

    In keeping a campaign promise that made pro-immigration advocates happy, Biden announced plans in early February to increase the annual refugee admissions ceiling to 62,500 this fiscal year and 125,000 in fiscal 2022, up from the 15,000 admission cap proposed by Trump.

    However, the White House on April 20
    reneged on the 62,500 refugee cap, telling the State Department it would keep the Trump-imposed ceiling of 15,000, a move sparking outrage among immigration advocates and some Democrats.

    White House press secretary Jen Psaki quickly resorted to damage control after the announcement to quell criticism.

    In a
    statement, she said sought to clarify “some confusion” it had caused, stating the president’s goal of 62,500 “seems unlikely” due to the Trump administration’s decimation of the refugee admonitions program and burdens on the Office of Refugee Resettlement, a component of the U.S. State Department.

    Under a pressure campaign from Democrats and refugee advocates, the Biden administration ultimately
    reversed its refugee position to keep the admissions cap at 15,000, choosing to keep his campaign promise to raise the 2021 ceiling to what it initially announced in early February — 62,500.

    However, President Biden’s new refugee admission ambitions appear like a tall order, with the White House itself acknowledging it is facing steep challenges ahead.
    “The sad truth is that we will not achieve 62,500 admissions this year,” Biden
    wrote in the announcement Monday, citing the logistical difficulties of processing tens of thousands of refugees by the end of the fiscal year on September 30.

    The Biden Administration blamed the Trump administration for its inability to make the refugee admissions process more efficient.

    “We are working quickly to undo the damage of the last four years. It will take some time, but that work is already underway,” the president continued.
    Nevertheless, President Bidens’ delay in announcing an official refugee admissions camp has harmed the efficiency of the process.

    According to State Department data obtained by the Hill, 3,100 refugees were “flight ready” in early March.

    Still, only 271 refugees were ultimately allowed into the U.S. that month.

    The State Department had to cancel over 700 flights purchased for refugees earlier this year in anticipation of an expanded admissions cap because Biden had not signed a new presidential declaration for the ceiling at the time, the New York Times
    reported in March.

    “Families were told their loved ones were booked on flights to be reunited with them after years of family separation. … I really cannot overstate how heartbroken some of the refugees were,” Meredith Owen, director of policy and advocacy for Church World Service, said.

    “There was significant harm caused by the delay,” she added.

    Edwin Mora

    Forget borders?? DHS Chief to Western Hemisphere: We shouldn’t look at borders “as lines that mark national boundaries and divide us”, but as “a point of connection” that unites us. via @BreitbartNews

    DHS Chief: Borders Are 'Point of Connection' that Unite Countries
    Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas said that the Western Hemisphere should not see borders as lines that "mark national boundaries."

    11:21 AM · May 5, 2021

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    How is an open border policy promoting the general welfare of the United States?

    Quote Originally Posted by wamose, post: 27076662, member: 71937
    This is freakin' treason.
    And it is absolutely stunning how many people living in the United States openly advocate and make excuses in defense of millions of foreigners flooding across our border who suck the life blood of American citizens like a swarm of ticks and fleas.

    One example are the estimated 300,000 poverty stricken females who enter our country illegally each year and give birth to an "anchor baby" at the expense of American citizens, which then opens the door for these leeches to be eligible for more taxpayer benefits.

    See Illegal Immigrant Births - At Your Expense

    "It was 5 a.m. and CBS News national correspondent Byron Pitts is with a woman who is nine months pregnant. She’s rushed to a south Texas hospital to undergo a C-section - a $4,700 medical procedure that won’t cost her a dime. She qualifies for emergency Medicaid."


    How can any patriotic American citizen defend this invasion of our country, especially when our national debt, including unfunded debt liabilities, is about $222 TRILLION, and American citizens, including our Vets, are homeless and sleeping in the streets?



    How is filling the United States with the poverty stricken, poorly educated, low skilled, diseased, disabled and criminal populations of other countries advancing the general welfare of the United States and HER citizens?

    It seems clearer as each day passes the United States is being defeated from within, and without a shot being fired!


    There is no better way to weaken, subdue and bring to its knees a prosperous and freedom loving country than by flooding it with the poverty stricken, poorly educated, low skilled, diseased, disabled and criminal populations of other countries.

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    Michelle Malkin Rips the Biden Administration’s New Refugee Plan

    Michelle Malkin Rips the Biden Administration’s New Refugee Plan

    Jose Nino
    May 11, 2021

    Few conservatives have remained steadfast supporters of immigration patriotism like Michelle Malkin has.

    Under the Biden administration, America is already going through its fair share of open borders lunacy. In Malkin’s piece
    titled “Biden’s Ruinous Refugee Dump”, Malkin noted that the Biden administration “will soon open its doors to another 62,500 low-skilled foreigners from the Third World.” The right wing commentator referred to the Biden administration’s recent decision to raise the refugee cap to 62,500 refugees.

    What’s particularly bad about these refugee programs is that local communities and states have no real input on the refugees who are resettled. Because America is a kritarchy, a political system where judges rule, open borders judges will do everything to overturn the will of voter referenda and state legislatures that attempt to control this influx of refugees.

    The current immigration paradigm is a public-private partnership where the state teams up with big business and non-profits to flood the country with migrants. Malkin observed that “the United Nations, the U.S. State Department and their globalist partners in the “faith” community (who rake in billions of dollars in tax subsidies off the backs of refugees and at the expense of voiceless citizens) will dictate who gets in and who moves where.” The right-wing journalist listed off the national characteristics of the refugees being resettled:

    It will be mostly young low-skilled Americans forced to compete with the influx of 22,000 Africans, 6,000 East Asians, 4,000 Europeans and Central Asians, 5,000 Latin Americans and Caribbean nationals, 13,000 Near Easterners and South Asians, and another 12,500 refugees from unspecified countries.

    None of this settlement process is taking place in a vacuum. It’s taking place against the backdrop of a significant economic downturn, which the US’s incompetent government generated through its foolish lockdowns. Malkin understands this:

    Reminder: Long-term unemployment for young Americans has remained more than double that of adults during the global pandemic chaos. Current Bureau of Labor Statistics show the unemployment rate at 10.3% among 20- to 24-year-olds and 13.3% among 18- to 19-year-olds (compared with the 5.3% unemployment among those 25 and older). Nearly a quarter of all unemployed Americans have been out of a job for over a year.

    There are no
    free lunches in economics. And immigration is no exception to this rule. Malkin explained:

    According to the Center for Immigration Studies, the average estimated refugee’s lifetime fiscal cost, expressed as a net present value, is $60,000, with those entering as adults (ages 25 to 64) costing $133,000 each. Only one-third of those adult refugees have completed more than a sixth-grade education before landing in the U.S. They are granted immediate access to government welfare programs including Medicaid, housing, food stamps and cash assistance. Once they land (and the refugee resettlement contractors collect their paychecks), many of the dumpees often relocate to ethnic enclaves to join friends and family where they take low-wage, low-skilled jobs in manufacturing, meatpacking, retail and the trades — exactly the kind of jobs the Beltway politicians promise they are creating for Americans first.

    In sum, mass migration has massive economic and cultural costs for the US. Immigration is a high stakes issue that will determine the fate of the
    American Republic. Immigration can be beneficial depending on the historical and economic context, but in the US, where it has witnessed a non-stop influx of migrants since 1965, it’s well past time to close the gates for the sake of protecting American workers and allowing migrants to integrate into normal American society.

    Whether the Republican Party, the default party of the Historic American Nation, gets with the program is a question for another day. Nonetheless, immigration is still the defining issue of our time, and any Republican who unapologetically runs on an immigration restriction platform will be rewarded handsomely at the polls.
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    We need to shut down all immigration and end birthright citizenship.

    This is out of control.

    We have no housing, it is expensive to live here. Many of these people do not speak English. They do not assimilate. We do not want to be forced to pay their expenses and medical bills! These countries need to take care of their own people on their soil.

    We need to use these funds to build affordable housing for our own people! We have working poor who have a job and live in their cars or a tent!


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    Democrat Leadership gives immigration finger to democrat voters

    Quote Originally Posted by Beezer View Post
    We need to shut down all immigration and end birthright citizenship.

    This is out of control.
    That will never happen as long as democrats are put in charge of our nation's border!

    See: Biden administration to release 400 migrant families per day by June, up from 50 in January

    April 17, 2021

    "The Biden administration anticipates that it will be releasing 400 migrant families into the country a day by mid-June as the influx of people encountered illegally crossing the border overwhelms its detention capacity, according to a government planning document."

    "The 400 figure is eight times greater than the 50 families that Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement were releasing from its facilities each day early on in 2021. As of mid-March, Border Patrol agents were seeing 500 people arrive as part of a family group per day."

    And American citizens and their children will pay the devastating price for the Democrat Party Leadership's open border policy.


    It is a sad day in America when the children of American citizens attending public schools are having activities cut to pay for the special needs of the children of foreigners flooding across our border LINK

    and our nation’s health care system is being over burdened with the healthcare needs of Central America’s poverty stricken pouring into our country LINK

    and American citizens are also being taxed to pay for the birth of anchor babies born to illegal aliens which opens the door for more taxpayer benefits handed over to illegal aliens LINK

    while taxpayer funded public housing meant to help our nation’s poor citizens is being filled with Central America’s poverty stricken population LINK

    all this, and then the Biden Administration has the nerve to house the surge of Central America’s poverty stricken flooding into our country in expensive hotels at taxpayer expense, while our Veterans sleep in the streets! LINK

    How is filling the United States with the poverty stricken, poorly educated, low skilled, diseased, disabled and criminal populations of other countries advancing the general welfare of the United States and HER citizens?

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