Bill Whittle Debates Hillary Clinton On Energy And Climate Change

October 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton made an oxymoronic statement during the first debate which Bill Whittle plays in the lead in to his commentary. She said that the United States can be the clean energy superpower, by which she meant the “green energy” superpower. Such a thing does not exist.

Either you are a weak nation that is at the mercy of others, burdened with a dependence on unreliable and impractical “green” energy or you are a superpower that uses the available cheap, and sometimes clean sometimes less so, abundant dependable “fossil fuels.”

As usual, Clinton, in describing the jobs that will be created by their busy work economic “activity” neglects to mention that the price for all of those new jobs that she’s talking about creating will be paid by the taxpayers from whom the wealth is confiscated in the form of taxes.

Bill Whittle, in his “interview” of Hillary Clinton, asks her if she’s actually going to trot this old argument out again, noting that it sounds a lot like something he heard Hussein Obama promising when he was running for dictator in 2008 and in 2012.

If Whittle’s memory serves him properly, there was a $500 million gift to a solar company called Solyndra that went belly up and soaked the American people for the tab. He also uses the example of the Ivanpah Solar Facility outside of Las Vegas to illustrate the folly of her green energy programs and claims, noting the cost of $1.5 billion was sucked up by that facility and that it will need a steady stream of taxpayer dollars in order to remain operational.

The reason is simple, the electricity generated by the giant Ivanpah Solar Facility costs about $200 per megawatt hour versus a cost of about $35 per megawatt hour for clean-burning natural gas.

Whittle is just getting started. He refutes all of the claims of Mrs. Clinton, the lies, if you will. She knows her green money pit will destroy America, that’s its purpose. But in the process she and her cronies will become filthy rich. The United States and its citizens are just collateral damage. Whittle elaborates with a little climate history to further make his point that she and her comrades are up to no good.