“Who speaks for me?!” called Anthony Coulter from Murrieta protest lines.

Coulter was speaking from the protest site in Murrieta, CA on July 7. The demonstrations outside the U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility sprang up in connection with attempts to transfer illegal aliens from overcrowded Texas detention facilities to the office in Murrieta, California.

Anthony held up a sign that read:
Definition of the word
In the Webster Dictionary:
Anthony explains in the video:
This [illegal] is not a racial word. Do you see white? Do you see black? Do you see Hispanic? Do you see Chinese, Vietnamese? Oh I’ll take it a step further. Do you see rich? Do you see poor? Do you see human? Do you see inhuman?
You don’t see that here, but when you say that [illegal], the connotation to that is that, and we’re all mixed up . . . I look around at all the people standing here and I look at myself, and I look for the representation of myself as an American citizen, born and raised in this country. My history here goes back for over 400 years or more. I know I have a right to be here. I know I have a right to be heard. But I’m not represented at all. So then who speaks for me? Where’s my voice in all of this? I don’t have one. Look around it’s just me. So then I’m my own voice. I have to be. Speaking for this man. He’s passed away. He was killed by the definition of this word [illegal].
I’m speaking for him [Dominic Durden]. African Americans really, I love us, as we’ve been duped too. And I’m not angry at us. We’re not here, because we’ve been duped also.
The woman appearing in the video with Anthony is his fiancé Sabina Durden, a legal, German immigrant. Sabina’s 30 year old son Dominic Durden, she told Breitbart News, was hit and killed by an unlicensed illegal alien driver, with a prior record and no deportations, on July 12, 2012. Dominic “was a 911 Dispatcher for Riverside County Sheriff’s Department,” said Durden. Her story was recently featured by Sean Hannity during his show on the Fox News Channel.