Blackout: MSM shifts focus from IRS Scandal

by THE BLOG on JUNE 14, 2013

The Big Three – ABC, CBS, and NBC — have essentially stopped covering the I.R.S. and their bullying of conservatives.

Despite the fair coverage in the first weeks of the scandal, reports are now nearly non-existent. If it weren’t for ABC’s comment on Tuesday, the I.R.S. scandal would’ve been officially blacked out by the mainstream media.

The Media Research Center’s Geoffrey Dickens notes:

“When the IRS scandal first broke in May, even reliably liberal network reporters saw it as a real threat to President Obama and his political agenda. The fact that they have so quickly dropped it from the news agenda is just more evidence that the broadcast networks filter their so-called “news” through a partisan lens. After all, does anyone doubt that if an identical scandal had erupted during the Bush years, the networks would have essentially walked away after just a couple of weeks of heavy coverage?”

As the Big Three shifts its complete focus away from the I.R.S.’ politically-motivated targeting, members of Congress are investigating the Agency. Senator Ted Cruz is even campaigning to completely abolish the tax-taking institution.

Take Action! Tell Congress to charge the I.R.S. criminals! Sign the petition.

Take Action! Tell Congress to abolish the I.R.S.! Sign the petition.